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Live Blog: 10,000th Episode of The Young and Restless!


Hello Everyone! Can y'all believe it?!? The Young and the Restless is celebrating it's 10,000th episode today! It's been a roller coaster ride is Genoa City over the years, and it's only going to get bumpier! I'll begin the live blog in a bit, but I want to hear from you in the comments section!

What have been your favorite The Young and the Restless moments and stories over 10,000 episodes? Personally, I loved the first time "Who Shot Vicitor?", the Jabot Men's line, Phyllis being an unfit mother, Glo by Jabot House kids, Jack, Brad and Michael takeover Newman Enterprises, and a little book called "Ruthless"! 

Here We Go!

We being episode 10.000 with Smilin' Jack Abbott! Jack is having a self-loathing moment and I'm not surprised. However, Traci is there to pull him back together. I'm not complaining one bit. I love seeing Traci.

Michael, Lauren, Neil, Abby, Kyle, Cricket (I REFUSE to call her Christine),and Katherine are sharing Victor stories. Michael speaks about the Christmas Victor tricked him into coming to the ranch to celebrate with the Newman family. I remember that episode, it was so good! The true turning point for Michael character.

Chelsea and Adam, who looks very distraught, and talking about the baby.

Victoria, Billy and Johnny are having a little play time on the sofa. Victoria begins to fall apart and Billy pulls her close. GAG ME! I can't stand that couple~

FINALLY, we return to the gravesite where Nikki is staring a Victor! She can't believe it's him! "Come here, My Love"- Victor to Nikki. YES!!! I'm a sucker for Victor and Nikki everybody! Those two get me EVERY. TIME. I just hope this time they can STAY together. Enough splitting them up, it's time for them to just be.

Dear Lord Baby Jesus! NEW CREDITS!!!

Phyllis and Danny are about to have it out in the foyer and the GCAC. Before things can get heated, Daniel walks in and puts a stop to it.

We return to Victor and Nikki tucked away in an embrace. Nikki worries about Victor's hand, but he assures her he's ok. She tries to tell him about Sharon's latest antics, but he already knows. Victor wants to know Sharon's whereabouts and Nikki tells him. It appears Victor may be on his way to give Sharon a piece of his mind. I can't wait!

The group at the GCAC are about to part ways, when Katherine gets an urgent text from Nikki. Abby receives the same text that states to return the chapel.

Nina and Paul arrive at the GCAC to see Phyllis, Danny, Cricket and Daniel. Paul tries to get Nina to go somewhere else and she says, "What are you kidding me? I wouldn't miss this for the world." God, I love Nina!

Neil is at the coffee house informing his family about Sharon's upcoming marriage to Tucker. They can't believe it.

Gloria is with Kevin at Gloworm preparing for Sharon and Tucker's wedding reception.

We return to Sharon and Tucker's wedding where they are saying their vows. Tucker doesn't have a ring, but Sharon says forget about it like she was saying "No onions on that burger". Tucker and Sharon are pronounced husband and wife, as Victor walks in and booms "Like HELL you are!"

Victor's family hug him in joy. It looks like the jig is up for Sharon. Tucker figures out that Sharon knew Victor wasn't dead. That's what you get for trying to scheme Victor, Tucker. Victor tells the reverend not to sign the marriage papers. Victor fills Sharon and us in on what happened to him the night he and Sharon went for a ride. Apparently, Victor horse was spooked, threw him off and he hit his head. The blow to his head caused him to lose his memory. I guess show don't tell went straight out the window with that one.

Anyways, Victor gives us a rundown of what happened to him and what Sharon was up to the entire time. Victor is right on the money about everything. He's got Tucker and Sharon's number. Genieve tries to justify her actions to the Newman family, but they don't want to hear it. Victor tells Sharon and Tucker he will decide how to deal with everyone who kept him away from Genoa City. In the meantime, Sharon can pack her things and get out of the ranch. Well, that ladies and gentlemen, is how the cow chewed the cod, as my grandmother would say.

30 minutes down in the 10,000th episode and it's definitely been full of drama.

Cricket, Daniel, Phyllis, Danny, Michael, Lauren, Paula and Nina are at the GCAC. Phyllis drops a barb to Cricket about sleepy with every man in the current circle. Lauren chimes in saying she's done the same and she doesn't feel awkward. Nina's face in the background is CLASSIC! Phyllis eventually storms off and Nina says "Welcome home, Danny!" HIGHLARIOUS!!!

Abby is at the Abbott house informing the Abbott clan about Victor's return.

Tucker is now at Crimson Lights trying to tell Devon about his current antics. Kay walks in and tells him to save his breath, because Devon already knows. Kay gives Tucker a lecture about putting money about everything and everyone. Tucker attempts to plead with Devon to speak with him, but Devon wants to stay with his grandmother.

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Chelsea and Adam are at home, when Adam receives a text about a press conference about his father.

Victor and the Newman family are at Newman Enterprises having a big old reunion. Billy is in the background looking guilty as sin! Avery shows up and gives Victor a big hug. She tells him the press is ready for him. Billy and Victoria begin to leave, but Victor stops Billy. He thanks Billy for being there. Foots! I was hoping Victor would rip Billy a new one with the rest of them. I guess it will all be in due time. Victor quickly composes himself, and sends the press in.

Victor's press conference is showing around town, which means every one knows The Black Knight has returned. SHOW DON'T TELL.....FINALLY!!! Chelsea is shocked that they(she and Adam) have to find out via press conference. I feel like this may mark the return of Ruthless Adam. At the coffeehouse, Ester lets out a big HALLELUJAH that Victor is back in control of Neman. Too Funny!

At the press conference, Victor informs everyone he is back in charge of Newman Enterprises. The company will buy back the shares at a healthy premium. Wow, that truly felt like old Young and the Restless. The first time I've felt that way in a long time!

We see Sharon at the ranch getting her things. She receives a text from Abby that states "Enjoying your humiliation. C U~ ;)" I really love that Abby!

Jack is angry that the stock will now rise again. Traci is happy that at least his shares will be worth something now. Kyle looks at Jack and Traci with a strange look.

45 minutes down and not one flashback yet! I'm pretty upset.

Cricket, Danny and company are at the GCAC speaking about family. Danny wants to speak to Daniel, so Daniel grabs a table. Before Danny walks away, he wants to apologize to Paul for all those years ago.

At the Abbott house, Kyle asks Abby what it was like seeing Victor at the chapel. She tells him it was absolutely surreal. Jack is bitter as hell that Victor didn't come back yesterday. He tells Kyle and Abby why he's so upset and Abby expresses her discontent of Tucker.

Tucker and Genieve are having it out over the Victor debacle. Tucker's angry because Gen didn't tell him the truth about Victor. He's upset because he got sandbagged. Um Tucker, do you want some cheese for all that whine??

Victor returns home and sees Sharon. A very smug Sharon tells Victor she's packed her last bag. Victor promptly shows her the door!

The Chancellor and Winters clan are at Crimson Lights. They all seems worried for Katherine who has to deal with Tucker. She tells them to stop worrying, because Tucker did this to himself. She wants to focus on the things she has.

Cricket, Paul, Nina, Lauren and Michael are all talking about Victor's return. Cricket excuses herself to speak with Danny. They hold hands and just stare into each others eyes.

Nick visits Phyllis and they briefly speak about Victor. Nick can tell something is wrong with Phyllis and she tells him Danny is back. She doesn't want to talk about it, so they dont. O.....K......

Chelsea is going on and on about no one telling Adam that Victor is back. Well Chelsea, that's what happens when you burn your bridges with everyone in your family.

Jack is out of it while talking to his family. He thinks he's figured out a way to get Beauty of Nature back. Traci doesn't think it's a good idea, but we all know Jack won't listen.

Sharon pays a visit to Tucker. They speak about the things they both knew about Victor. Tucker tells Sharon if she needs a place to stay, it aint there! He slams the door in her face! BWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Billy and Victoria are at Gloworm recovering from the days events. Billy apoligizes to Victoria for everything. She quickly forgives him. What in the name of William J. Bell is this foolishness?!?! The REAL Victoria would have had Billy head on a platter by now. But no, instead he gets to pass go and collect $200. This is some BULL!!!

Victor walks around the ranch looking a pictures and smiles at his surroundings. Nikki shows up and they finally reunite!!

"This is where we belong. You and I. Together"-Victor to Nikki.

I agree Victor, I agree.

We close the episode with Victor and Nikki in an embrace.

The previews for the next episode show Michael, Lauren and Paull getting lab results, Kevin telling Billy to confess and Victoria agreeing, and Doris showing up at Sharon's doorstep! Doris should have been in this episode!

Well folks, that's it for me. I hope you enjoyed the live blog and today's happening on The Young and The Restless. Let me know what you thought in the comments section! I'll catch everyone on the next live blog! Goodbye!