SPOILERS: Will Sharon's Shenanigans Land Her in an Orange Jump Suit on Young and Restless?

Victor/Sharon/Nick: The Black Knight wants payback, and his latest wife is Victor Newman's first target! After Sharon sues Victor for abandonment, he has her brought up on criminal charges.


Later, Sharon decides to crash Faith's birthday party, ticking off Nick and Noah in the process. Look for Sharon's eldest offspring to light into his mother for the foolishness she's been pulling! Sharon attempts to explain her actions, saying she truly believed TGVN was testing her. The Newmans aren't trying to hear it. Just when Sharon's day can't get any worse, two police officers arrive to haul her off to jail!

Nick pays Sharon a visit in jail, and resumes blasting his ex for her actions. Sharon pleads with her first love to have Victor drop the charges. Nick, however, feels Sharon deserves everything she's getting!

After Nick leaves, Victor swings by, vowing Sharon will pay dearly. Sharon begs Mr. Mumbles to let her off the hook, but he isn't budging either. Got that?!

Sleazy Tucker then pops up, and proceeds to throw Sharon under the bus as well.

Summer: Her announcement causes a big showdown between her parents.

The Newmans: Nikki, Victoria and Nick all stick with Victor. Will Adam follow suit?

Chloe: The fashionista starts to unravels when Michael puts the screws to her.

The Chancellors: Tucker's latest stunt may have caused new, long-lasting problems for his relationships with Kay and Devon.

Danny/Cricket: When not working to help Paul, the former lovers find time to sweat up the sheets. Will Cricket and Danny finally get the happily ever after Phyllis once robbed them of?

Ronan: What wouldn't a cop do for the redhead, er brunette he loves?