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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


The women of Port Charles descend on the Floating Rib for Kate’s bachelorette party, while Sonny’s favorite boys join him at the restaurant for his party.

Maxie’s worried about the quality of her party. Connie wants to know where the strippers are. Dante drops off Olivia and Lulu before heading over to Sonny’s. Kristina and Sam arrive even though Sam feels out of place. Sam tells Kris about running into Jason at the Chinese restaurant and that they kissed. However, it doesn’t mean anything. Connie asks about Olivia’s recovery and jokes that everyone thought she was the crazy one.

Sonny sends Milo to Kate’s party as extra security, worried that Joe might crash it. Jason, Spinelli and Michael show up at Sonny’s. Sonny shows Michael the pendant he found in the alley and figures Trey and Joe are up to something. He tells Michael that he checked out Joe’s story. He found the baby at the boarding house and raised him. Michael wonders what Trey knows and if Sonny is planning on questioning him. Michael’s worried about Kristina’s reaction, but Sonny feels whatever he does will be in Kris’ best interest, since he needs to protect his family. Dante arrives and wonders who they need protecting from, but Sonny deflects, joking about Spinelli and his poker playing.

Spinelli tells Jason that he’s done with Maxie and has even signed up with an online dating service. Jason tells him that he was wrong about Sam’s baby but Spin doesn’t believe two mistakes could have been made. He calls Ellie to come and help him figure it out and begs Jason not to quit. Jason tells him about Sam and the Chinese restaurant but that he saw the signed divorce papers. Spinelli says Sam hasn’t given up on Jason yet.

Starr worries about Trey, who talks of finding his mom but when pressed, decides he doesn’t want to talk to Starr about it. When she gets to the party, Starr tells Kris to talk to Trey.

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Tracy stops by Joe’s place, to return his medallion and isn’t in a hurry to leave. Joe feels there’s a connection between them. He feels the other women he’s dated were different. Tracy goes to leave, but comes back in and they kiss.

Maxie tells Felicia that Kate wants a stripper and is about to call Spinelli to help her find one when Milo shows up. Kate tells Maxie to get a stripper or she won’t reinstate her at Crimson. Maxie begs Lulu to help, so Lulu convinces Milo to play the stripper.

Lulu asks Liz what’s on her mind and Liz flashes back to her conversation with Jason about the DNA results. She tells Lulu that she messed everything up with Jason that she confronted her feelings for Jason now that he’s not with Sam and swears she respected their marriage. Liz says they started to reconnect but she did something stupid.

Connie complains to Olivia that she wanted to let her hair down and have one last blow out and wonders where the shenanigans are. Maxie introduces Magic Milo, who starts off not knowing what to do. Lulu mimes a couple of actions for him and Milo gets into the act and starts stripping, which makes all the women lose their minds. Connie sprays champagne as do Maxie and Starr and then the women start putting money in Milo’s pants.

Trey gets to the poker game, but Sonny takes him into the office for a talk. Michael tells the other about the Vegas wedding and how he and Starr wouldn’t do it that way. Dante warns him that getting married is nerve wracking. Max tells him not to commit too young. Jason says marriage is a lifetime commitment. If it ends too soon it can be painful. Michael reassures them all he has no intention of getting married anytime soon.

Sonny gives Trey a wad of money, but he declines it. Sonny wonders if Kristina isn’t all that Trey wants and gives him the medallion.

Milo finishes his dance and takes off backstage to count up his loot. Connie follows him back there and comes onto him. Olivia finds them making out.