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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny shows Trey the medallion and knows that Joe is his father.  Trey admits it, but blames Sonny for Joe’s troubles.  Sonny tells him to get a divorce. Trey refuses to stay away from Kris, saying he cares for her and wouldn’t hurt her.  Sonny says his father would.  Sonny accuses Trey of tricking Kris into marrying him, pulls a gun and asks where Joe is.  Trey refuses to give his father up.

Olivia stops Connie and Milo’s make out session. Milo begs her not to tell Sonny before he runs off.  Olivia wonders how Kate could do something like that to Sonny, but Connie spins it that Olivia is having another hallucination.  Connie says she was simply calming Milo and would never hurt Sonny. She says  Olivia was having another episode.

Felicia and Mac congratulate Maxie on a job well done. She thanks Lulu for helping with Milo.  She hopes this will get her reinstated at Crimson.  Felicia mentions Spin, but Lulu reminds everyone that Maxie is still married to Matt, even though he wasn’t as good to her after Robin’s death as Spin was.  Lulu says Maxie has to make the first move.

Sam thanks Kris for dragging her out and giving her a good time.  Kris reassures her that she will get through this, with Jason. Sam isn’t so sure. Liz listens as Kris points out that they don’t act like a divorced couple and even kissed.   Kris says Sam is still in love with Jason.

Dante tells Michael that he’s worried about him in regards to Trey.  Michael admits he got very angry in Vegas. Dante warns him that Trey could cause trouble if Michael isn’t careful.  Dante wonders if Sonny is taking care of Trey. Michael says he can’t say anything.

Johnny’s packing a bag when Carly shows up, angry that he’s up and about instead of resting.  He tells her he wants them to go away, sail away on the Star, out of PC for good.  Carly says she has Josslyn, and it’s not realistic, but Johnny is determined.  Carly wonders why he suddenly wants to go and wonders if it’s about the mob money, but Johnny says people don’t want them to make it and want to hurt them.  Carly says this is their home and it’s not the right time to go.

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Jason tells Spin that their investigation is over. However, Spin plans on finding out what happened with the tests.  Ellie shows up and Jason says the lab made a mistake, but Ellie says she was responsible.

Kristina asks Starr about Trey. Starr says he was acting weird and said he’d spoken to his mother.  Starr says Trey wouldn’t confide in her but maybe he will Kristina.

Milo gets back to the restaurant and tells Max that Kate came onto him and Olivia caught them.  Max warns him not to say anything to Sonny.

Lulu asks Liz what was bothering her. With Sam sitting a few feet away, listening, Liz tells Lulu that she and Jason kissed.  Liz says Jason kissed her and she was confused, since he’s still married. However, he said he had feelings for her and she always had them for him, but didn’t want to come between JaSam.  She says Jason told her it was over, that he would sign the papers, put his mistakes in the past and move on.  Liz says they’ve been in and out of each other’s lives since before Sam, but the timing was never right, but now it is.  Sam leaves.

Trey asks for his medallion back, saying Kate tore it off of him. Dante interrupts Sonny’s plans, so Sonny hides the gun and Trey runs out.  Back at home Kristina tells him she cares about him and to trust her with the truth.

Connie tells Maxie that she did a good job and the job at Crimson is hers.  With Felicia’s push, Maxie heads out to see Spinelli.  Spin and Ellie are making small talk and Spin asks if she’d be his date for the wedding.  Maxie arrives as Ellie agrees.

Sam finds Jason and gives him the divorce papers, and tells him to sign them so they can move on.

Connie asks to stay at the bar by herself and proceeds to dance on the pool table while eating whipped cream, but she’s not there when Sonny shows up looking for her.  She goes to find Johnny and he begs her not to make him do this.