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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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You are cordially invited to the wedding of Katherine Hardwick Howard, aka Constanza Louise Falconeri, to Michael “Sonny” Corinthos Junior.

Kristina wants Trey to confide in her and he tells her that his mother will be at the wedding, as she’s the bride, which confuses Kris. Trey admits who his father is. Kristina realizes he’s been lying and that he used her against her father. Trey swears he cares for her even though he wanted to make a name for himself with the show. Kristina wants to know why he married her. Trey says his father ordered him to.

Johnny drops by to see Carly and let her know that he won’t be spending the day with her because Kate asked for his presence at the wedding, for backup. Carly decides to join him, despite his protests. When they’re ready to leave Johnny tells her to remember he loves her, which makes Carly question what’s going on. He says he just wants her to be happy.

Liz overhears Jason tell John about the non DNA results. After John leaves, Liz asks how Jason is doing and sees the divorce papers. Jason says Sam dropped them off the night before, which surprised him since he thought they had reconnected at the Chinese restaurant. Liz lies and says Sam is dating John so Jason signs the paper and thanks Liz for being honest.

Dante tells Steven about Olivia’s latest hallucination, that Kate is actually Connie. Maxie tells Lulu about Spinelli and his date. Lulu reassures her that if Spin knows how she feels, he’ll come around.

Olivia finds Kate dressed in a skimpy wedding dress and declares that she’s Connie. She insists Kate wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress like that. Maxie arrives and said she gave Kate several dress options. Kate claims she was only wearing the dress to show how inappropriate it was. Olivia apologizes for still being messed up. Connie assures her that it’s not her fault. Olivia gives her a blue hankie from their grandmother to bring good luck.

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Milo feels the need to tell Sonny what happened with Kate, but Max warns him not to. Sonny overhears and questions them but they claim they have a surprise in store for him.

Sonny insists on seeing Kate before the wedding and asks her again about her argument with Trey. Connie insists it was about him marrying Kristina and then said she got upset because Trey said bad things about Sonny and she didn’t want to make him angry.

John stops by the lake house to pick up a letter from Alexis and finds Sam, who didn’t want to attend the wedding. The letter is from Natalie, saying she’s met someone else, but wants him to honor the restraining order. John says he’ll keep fighting for his son, but that his relationship is over and he’s on his own again. Sam admits she is as well and explains how she overheard Liz and knows she and Jason are over. John says he wants her to be happy and the two share a kiss.

Spinelli explains to Ellie his history with Maxie. Maxie tells Lulu that she isn’t happy with this new development. Sonny’s surprised to see CarJohn, but Carly reassures him that they’re going to play nice. Alexis wonders why Kristina is so late. Sonny tells her about Trey’s fight with Kate. He’s worried Joe’s going to do something. Olivia finds the hankie in the trash and tells Steve that she thinks something’s going on with Kate.

Dante, Michael and Sonny share a moment of bonding. Sonny says family is important and Kate will be part of that now. Sonny warns Max and Milo to be on the lookout, for fear of Joe.

As their leaving Liz stops Jason and tells him that she has something to say. She reveals she lied to him about Sam being with John. She says she said Jason was with her so Sam would overhear because Sam saw their kiss. Jason realizes that Liz made Sam believe he had moved on. She apologizes, saying this isn’t the person she wants to be. Liz begs him to understand, that she cares so much for him and wanted this to be their time. As Jason goes to leave, she says there’s more, about Sam’s baby.

Johnny goes in to see Connie and tells her he can’t do this to Carly and can she change her mind. Connie says he has no choice, as Lulu arrives to check on her.

Kristina angrily tells Trey that she’s going to divorce him and storms out, only to be grabbed by someone.