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Tony Geary on GH Alter Ego Luke Spencer: "When I'm Threatened or Uncomfortable, He Takes Over"

Anthony Geary has been playing General Hospital's Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Sr. on and off since the late 70's. So it isn't surprising that the actor can suddenly morph into Luke mode at a moment's notice! Geary tells Zap2it's Jay Bobbin all about it in a new chat. Here's how the seven-time, Daytime Emmy winner explained walking off during the filming of the previous GH opening credits:


"That wasn't planned at all," he says. "I'd just sort of stood up and walked off, and [the producers] loved it. I can flip into 'Luke Spencer,' and I'm sure any of us can flip into our 'characters' at a moment's notice. I know how he feels, and when I'm threatened or uncomfortable, he takes over. And he just took over and said, 'I've had enough.' "

 All this time I thought he'd just had to go pee something awful. For more of Zap2it's chat with Geary, click here!

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