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Jack and Genevieve Team Up Against Tucker on The Young and the Restless!

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Tucker's (Stephen Nichols) been playing hardball following Victor’s (Eric Braeden) "miraculous" return from the dead. However, when a vengeful Genevieve (Genie Francis) and Jack (Peter Bergman) showed up at his door, the tune he's been humming started to change a bit! Jack told Tucker to return Beauty of Nature, or he was calling the SEC. Backed into a corner, Tucker asked for 48 hours.

Still basking in the afterglow,  Victor wanted to know how he and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) ended up so far apart.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) and nuNoah (Robert Adamson) confronted Sharon (Sharon Case) about her scheming and plotting.

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What are your First Impressions of  Robert Adamson as Noah Newman? He sure looks a lot like Joshua Morrow, doesn’t he?  As Noah argued with his mother, Genoa City cops arrived to arrest Sharon at Victor’s behest.

With Sharon behind bars, Victor waltzed in and began to toy with her. He ended the torture by saying he was through with her.

Ronan (Jeff Branson) made his case to Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) about why they should be together. The two shared a sizzlin' kiss, but Phyllis asked him to leave.

Back at the Newman ranch, Victor and Nikki rushed into each other’s arms. Okay, they didn't quite rush. I know most people want Victor and Nikki together, but I've always enjoyed her with Jack. Unfortunately, The Great Victor Newman wins again.