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Marie Osmond on 'Second Chances' and That Bold and Beautiful Stint That Never Happened

Who can remember a time when Marie Osmond wasn't a star? The bubbly performer has been on stage practically her entire life. She's also had to endure many triumphs and tragedies in the public eye. Today Osmond is back with a new Hallmark Channel talk show, Marie. Here's what she revealed to our pals at Zap2it about her second chance at talk show fame:


"I was going to do this about five years ago," Osmond tells Zap2it of the new series. "We had 97 percent of the market syndicated and ready to go, and then all financing fell through. And so this is kind of like a second chance, which is interesting, because those are the things that I want to talk about -- second chances. It's like when I did 'Dancing With the Stars' ... . I was going through a divorce and everything else, and I was out there to tell women, 'No -- your life doesn't stop at 45. Life is beautiful. Life has challenges.' That's the thing. You pick yourself back up and you go for it."

And what about that guest stint Osmond was supposed to do on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful? Osmond tells Michael Logan in this week's TV Guide that although her schedule was too jam-packed to do it last year, she still wants to soap it up! Marie debuts at 12 pm EST today on Hallmark.

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Photo credit: Hallmark