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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu wonders what’s going on, but Connie assures her that all is well. Olivia explains to Dante and Steve that Kate wouldn’t throw out the hankie. She wants to tell Sonny that something is up, but the guys stop her. Olivia overhears Steve tell Dante that he might need to send her to Shadybrook if she continues with her episodes.

Max assures Sonny that their men are in position. Joe will not be getting near the boat. Joe’s grabbed Kristina and brought her to the coffee warehouse. He has her call Alexis to say that she isn’t coming to the wedding because she fought with Trey. Joe tells Kris that he’s Trey’s father.

Kristina warns Joe that Sonny will come after him and asks about the ransom. Joe says he’s not after a ransom, but after everything Sonny owes him. He’ll get it when she’s dead. Joe tells her that Trey will inherit everything as her husband and everyone will think it was another of Sonny’s enemies.

Alexis tells Sonny that Kris isn’t coming and is hopeful that an annulment is next. Carly wonders what’s going on with Johnny, but he claims all is fine. Ellie compliments Maxie on a job well done. Maxie realizes she can’t hate her. Dante tells Lulu that his mother thinks something is off with Kate. Lulu admits to weird behavior between Kate and Johnny.

Trey arrives at the wedding, looking for Kristina. Michael says she isn’t there. Trey feels he needs to find her and heads out to the lake house. Alexis wonders why Sonny seems so nervous. He says he needs to tell Kate the truth about Trey and is worried she’ll relapse.

Liz tells Jason that she thought they had a chance and that the results she gave him were for another child. Jason asks if the lab made the mistake. Liz admits to changing the results and gives him the correct ones, which show a DNA match of Tea’s baby to Sam.

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Jason wonders why she lied in the first place.  Liz says she thought about the other mom, who had the baby for four months, raising him and loving him. Liz felt she didn’t deserve to have the baby taken from her, just like Liz didn’t deserve having her baby taken. Liz says Sam watched Jake get kidnapped and let them lose their minds with grief, when she knew the whole time and didn’t say a word. Jason wonders if this was payback.

Liz says she’s tried to put it behind her, but that she also didn’t want Jason with Sam. The baby would have brought them back together. She tearfully wonders why they couldn’t have their chance. Liz admits she’s been losing her mind since Jake’s death, trying to recover on her own and letting time heal. However its only gotten worse. She thought Jason would make it better and fix it. She realizes that it wasn’t fair to ask that of Jason and apologizes. Jason says he understands about making mistakes, but that he needs to fix this and not to tell Sam about the baby. Liz tells him to be kind to Tea, since he knows what it’s like to lose a child.

Sam stops the kissing with John saying she ended her marriage yesterday and there’s no rush. John says he doesn’t’ want to complicate her life or cause pain. Trey arrives, looking for Kristina and leaves her a note. John leaves and then gets a call from Jason to meet.

Trey goes back home and finds Kris’ bracelet, but no Kris and realizes his father has her. He heads to Joe’s motel room and worries where Kris is.

Jason tells John that there was a mistake with the lab results and the baby is a match to Sam. John worries about Tea.

Liz shows up at the lake house to tell Sam that she lied about her and Jason being together. Sam says she saw them kissing. Liz admits that Jason told her they didn’t have a future and that he belongs to Sam.

The wedding begins and the judge says his piece. He ask if anyone objects, so Olivia says she has something to say. Steven deflects her, so she ends up saying Kate is getting what she always wanted in marrying Sonny and wishes them all the happiness.

The judge asks again and this time Milo stands up to object, but Max reassures everyone that he was simply caught up in the moment. The judge asks a third time and this time; Kate says she can’t marry Sonny.

Sonny asks what’s going on and Connie says she can’t marry him because she’s already married, to Johnny.