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Nick is Angry, Humiliated and Disgusted by Phyllis on The Young and the Restless

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Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) arrived at Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) with a gift for Faith.Or was it more of a peace offering?  When Phyllis asked what they could do to get back on track, Nick retorted about how angry, humiliated and disgusted he was.

Tucker (Stephen Nichols) showed up at Genevieve’s (Genie Francis) room to tell her she was being kicked out. The cunning corporate raider said he's done paying her bills.

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Tucker may be livid with Genny, but when she threatened to call security, he “tucked” his tail between his legs and left.

Later, Tucker waltzed in on a gathering of the extended Winters/Chancellor clan, just in time to hear Harmony (Debbi Morgan) mention she’d heard about his dirty dealings. 

Sarge (Darnell Williams) dropped by the Abbott mansion, where he and Jack talked about his recovery. Jack (Peter Bergman) offered to give Sarge's brother his fancy wheels, but the proud, physical therapist refused Jack's generosity. Jack later informed Cane (Daniel Goddard) of his plans to get Beauty of Nature back, with the help of Cane's whacky mama.

Paul (Doug Davidson) and Co. continued to discuss the latest twists and turns in their hunt to clear him. Eden (Jessica Heap) walked in on the discussion and agreed to undergo hypnosis again.

Under hypnosis, Eden started to recount the night of Ricky’s (Peter Porte) death. Will she recall enough to save Paul?