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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly thinks Kate’s having another breakdown. Sonny wants to know why Kate would marry Johnny when she hates him. Connie points out that Sonny is an idiot, she’s Connie and not Kate. Sonny says Connie has been integrated. However, Connie says she’s been around for awhile, coming out to people like Johnny and hooking up. Carly begs Johnny to tell them Connie’s lying.

Sonny says Kate would have known she was losing time. Connie says she’d come after Kate was asleep. Olivia snarks to Dante that she knew the truth. Maxie now understands Kate’s need for strippers. Starr’s angry about Connie killing her family.

Connie says she has proof and shows her marriage license. Alexis says it’s legit. Sonny wonders what was the point of the wedding. Connie says she wanted him to eat dirt in front of everyone. Sonny grabs Johnny and starts hitting him until the others drag him off.

Starr screams at Connie that she’ll make her pay. Connie says she thought Starr forgave her. Starr says she forgave Kate, but will never forgive Connie. Starr slaps her across the face. Michael drags Starr off. Connie wants Johnny to kiss her booboo and reminds him about the death of Starr’s family. He does as he’s told.

Kristina begs for her life, offering Joe money, but he wants Sonny to grieve. Trey arrives, shocked to see his father with the gun. Joe says he’s doing it for Trey, because he’ll inherit the money. Trey stands in front of Kris and says his father will have to shoot him first.

Joe swears he’s doing it for Trey, to give him his birthright. Trey says he loved how he grew up and didn’t miss anything and that he won’t let his father shoot Kris. Trey warns that he’ll go to the police.

Monica catches Tracy playing with the medallion. Monica wonders why she didn’t give it back and wash her hands of Joe. Tracy says she tried, but got sucked back into his charm. That when she’s with him, he’s gentle and sweet. Monica tells her to get rid of him or she’ll tell Edward that Tracy is jeopardizing the family name. Tracy says Edward can’t know. Monica tells her to get rid of Joe before he takes the family down.

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Sam doesn’t understand Liz’s motivations. Liz says she will always love Jason, but she manipulated the divorce so she could have him back. She says they kissed twice, but that Jason stopped it. She reveals how she told Lulu a lie for Sam to overhear. Liz says she told Jason Sam was with John, but then recanted. Sam wonders why, when she could have had Jason. Liz says she needed to stop lying. Sam wonders what would have happened if Jason hadn’t turned her down. Liz says she’s sorry for everything. She hopes Sam sees just how far Jason has gone for her and that  she’ll get back everything she lost. Sam says she’s in no position to judge.

John wonders how to tell Tea that her son isn’t hers. He figures she’ll want proof and the only way to get it is to exhume the dead baby. John says he needs to tell Tea the truth and get her permission. Jason warns that there is no easy way to lessen the damage of losing a child.

Sonny accuses Johnny of taking advantage of a mentally ill woman and says he’ll have Connie committee to Shadybrook until Kate comes back. Connie points out that only a husband can have her committed and he isn’t it. Carly accuses her of being a conniving snake and accuses Johnny of going behind her back for months. Carly slaps Johnny and storms out. He runs out after her.

Sonny is sure that Connie is lying about being with Johnny. Alexis says the certificate is legal and only Johnny can have her committed. Sonny asks if Olivia can and Alexis says they can try and make her Kate’s guardian.

Trey and Joe fight for the gun and Joe is shot. Trey wants to call an ambulance and claim it was an accident, but Joe runs off. Trey swears to Kristina that he had no idea his father would do this and the two hug as she cries.

Dante gets a call of shots fired at Sonny’s warehouse and has to leave to check it out. Sonny asks everyone to leave so he can be alone with Connie. Alexis tells him to be careful. Sonny looks into Connie’s eyes and pleads for Kate to come back to him.

Johnny follows Carly and tells her that he never meant to hurt her. Carly says she knows he wouldn’t’ have done this to her again and knows something else is going on and to confide in her.

John shows up at Tea’s door. Jason finds Sam. She tells him that Liz was there and told her everything. When he questions that, she says about the lies and wonders what else there is.

Tracy reassures Monica that she’ll cut all ties to Joe. As she’s heading out, a bleeding Joe stumbles in begging for her help.