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Charming is Hoping For Snow on OUAT; Who's on Revenge's Boat?

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Once Upon a Time’s season premiere featured a shocking twist. Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) were transported back to Far Away, while the people they loved remained in Storybrooke. Now the mother and daughter face unexpected foes and meet unanticipated allies. Can you say Captain Hook and Lancelot ? 

A sneak peek of OUAT’s second episode “We Are Both” has Charming (Josh Dallas) finding himself the de facto leader of Storybrooke.  It looks like the sandy-haired husband may be feeling the pressure.

In Revenge news, TV Guide offered up the following scoop:

Do you know who's on the boat on Revenge? — Ashian

NATALIE: Mike Kelley unequivocally confirms that the arm on the boat belongs to a male, not a female. "It's a man and it's someone you know," he says with an evil laugh — seriously — before noting that we'll learn whose arm it is in Episode 14. Kelley also addressed his statements from February that the Season 2 flash-forward would involve a wedding: "No one's saying there's not a wedding that night. I just didn't show that part. There is at least one wedding and probably two by the time we get to the boat wreck." So who do you think is on the boat?

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Read the entire TV scoop preview at TV Guide. Also be sure to check out the new Revenge photo shoot that Tyler Shieldspublished on his website. My favorite is the one of Emily VanCamp posing to resemble an ancient Roman or Greek statue. 

Watch the “We Are Both” preview and the Once Upon a Time Season 2 trailer after the jump!