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4 Memorable Soap Opera Alien Invasions

Wednesday night marked the return of classic, extraterrestrial blockbuster E.T. to theaters. The one-night-only occasion was in honor of the 30th anniversary of the movie about the cuddly alien, with the glowing finger. To do our part in supporting the little intergalactic critter, we're looking back on four memorable alien invasions on soaps!


Photo credit: ABC

No. 4 Burt Gets Beamed Up on SOAP

No one believed Burt Campbell (Richard Mulligan) when he told them he'd spotted a UFO flying over the town of Dunn's River, Connecticut on SOAP, ABC's hit, 70's primetime spoof of daytime dramas. Burt was actually excited when he was abducted, because it proved he wasn't crazy! He was less thrilled when alien lookalike X-23 replaced him.

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No.3 Sexy, Naked "Alien" Twins Crash Land on Days of Our Lives

The 2002 Gemini Meteor showers brought a pair of insanely-sexy, butt naked ALFs to Salem, USA on Days of Our Lives. Following a Fourth of July picnic with their 'rents, teen lovers Shawn Brady (Jason Cook) and Isabella "Belle" Black (Kirsten Storms) discovered what appeared to be a space craft. Upon further inspection, the unidentified, glowing object housed two barely communicable beings.

The naked, non-speakers came to be known as Rex (Eric Winter) and Cassie (Alexis Thorpe). Viewers eventually learned Rex and Cassie weren't aliens at all; instead they were the biological children of Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) and Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow). I still have my doubts. I wouldn't be surprised it those two were streaking—quite literally—across the galaxy right this second!

No. 2 Fallon Gets Snatched Up By ALFs on The Colbys

Fallon Carrington Colby (Emma Samms) endured more than any dual oil heiress should ever have to contend with, on not one, but two primetime soaps! Amnesia, paternity pickles, a Nolan Miller-clad bitch goddess for a mother — you name it, our Fallon survived it.

Perhaps the Dynasty vixen's most traumatic experience happened on spinoff series, The Colbys. It was on that short-lived sudser where Blake (the late John Forsythe) and Alexis' (Joan Collins) little girl was abducted by aliens.  To think, today's celubutantes complain about having to deal with the occasional leaked "sext" or Twitpic.

No. 1 Casey The Alien Invades Port Charles on General Hospital

In 1990, a visitor from the planet Lumina named Casey Rogers (Bradley Lockerman) became BFF's with General Hospital's tween dream Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough). There wasn't much time for Casey and Robin to talk about boys, Debbie Gibson, hair-braiding, or Sweet Valley High, though. He had to find a magic crystal in order to get home!

Luckily, Robin's super spy parents, Robert (Tristan Rogers) and Anna (Finola Hughes)—as well as Frisco (Jack Wagner) and Felicia (Kristina Wagner) Jones— helped Casey recover the otherworldy rock from the clutches of the sinister Faison (Anders Hove). I wonder if ol' Casey will pay Port Charles another visit in time for General Hospital's 50th Anniversary next year?