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SPOILERS: Will Phick's Relationship End Up All Wet on Young and Restless?

Ronan/Phyllis/Nick/Summer: "Phick" fans get ready for some heartache. Red and Det. Malloy just can't keep their hands off each other! After they hit the sack, Phyllis tells Ronan it can't happen again.


Later, when she learns her trial has been bumped up, Phyllis goes to Ronan once again for support. Bad timing, girl. Summer shows up at the penthouse and spots her mama playing kissy face with the lawman!  Destroyed, Summer creeps out before she can see her mom ending things with Ronan.

After their talk, Ronan asks if he can take a shower before he leaves, which Phyllis agrees to. While Ronan is scrubbing his unmentionables at Phyllis' crib, Summer is snitching all to Nick!

Nick tries to explain to his daughter that Phyllis is pretending to have an affair with Ronan, in order to have an alibi. Summer insists what she saw was the real deal. Nick heads over to the penthouse and finds a dripping wet Ronan! Sorry, Phick lovers. Things don't look too good for the lovebirds. 

Tucker/Sharon/Victor: The rock-n-roll billionaire offers Beauty of Nature to Victor on a silver platter, if he'll give up on seeking revenge against Sharon. Someone shoulda clued Sharon in, however, because she turns Tucker in to the SEC! Look for the distressed mess to crack completely up and burn down the Newman Ranch.

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