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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny thinks he’s gotten through to Kate, but Connie reminds him that he let Kate get raped by Joe and shot on her wedding day. Sonny wonders why she took over now. Connie admits Kate found out about Trey. Sonny’s shocked to hear that Kate knew about Trey. Connie explains it all. Sonny wonders why she just didn’t leave town. Connie couldn’t resist ruining the wedding. Sonny says Alexis will have her committed, but Connie says Sonny can’t do anything since he’s not her husband.

Joe tells Tracy that he’s been shot, but not to call the ambulance because he can’t get the cops involved. Tracy asks what he’s done. Joe lies and says Sonny sent his men to kill him. Tracy doesn’t believe that Sonny would do that on his wedding day. Even if he did, the killer would have finished the job. Joe claims he got away and asks Tracy to take the bullet out.

Tracy gets Monica’s medical bag. Joe says he’s putting his life in her hands and he trusts her. Tracy gets the bullet out. He thanks her for saving him. He asks her to hide him for a few days until he can defend himself. He swears Tracy is the only one he can trust.

Carly is sure something else is going on and begs Johnny to tell her what it is. Johnny says he’s sorry and that Connie doesn’t have anything on him. Carly’s angry that she gave him another chance and wonders what Connie can give him that she can’t? Johnny claims to love Connie. Carly realizes that Todd knows. Johnny says he tried to be a better man, but that Connie likes him as he is.

Carly asks why Johnny wanted them to run away. Johnny says Connie got tired of sharing and told him to choose and since Carly wouldn’t go, he decided to go through with the marriage. Carly asks why he didn’t end things with her, but he was hoping he could spare her. Carly declares them over.

Starr overhears Todd telling his people to find Heather and questions that. She then tells him to concentrate on enemies closer to home and explains about Connie. She says she wants justice. Todd says Starr is already on record coming to Kate’s defense. Starr explains about Connie and Johnny getting married.

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Starr’s angry that she thought Johnny was her friend, but all this time he’s been having a relationship with Connie. She’s angry that Johnny lied to her and wonders what else he could be hiding. Todd tells her to cut all contacts and go back to Llanview. Starr says Johnny still owns her contract and she’s not leaving Port Charles until she’s dealt with Connie. Todd warns her that revenge is not good and promises to handle it for her.

Jason tells Sam that he has something important to tell her, but before he gets a chance Trey and Kristina arrive. Kris tells them that Trey’s father tried to kill her. Jason asks who Trey’s father is. He admits that it’s Joe. Kris says Trey didn’t know and that he saved her.

Dante arrives and Kristina explains what happened and Trey tells him about the gun going off and Joe running off. Jason tries to call Sonny to warn him, but gets his voice mail. Dante explains that the wedding didn’t happen because Connie’s in control. Dante asks if Trey knows where his father would have gone since he has no friends in town. Jason tells him about Joe’s friendship with Tracy, so Dante heads out there.

John says he needs to talk to Tea about the baby. She offers to get the baby, but comes back saying the nanny and the baby are gone. She mentions the name Susan Moore, which rings a bell with John. He shows her a picture of Heather and says she isn’t a nanny. John puts out an APB on Heather. Tea wonders what she would want with her son.

Carly goes to see Todd and smacks him across the face. He says he was her friend. Carly says he let her stay with a guy who was cheating on her and asks why he didn’t tell her about Johnny and Connie.

Sonny grabs Connie and says she isn’t going anywhere. Connie says he can’t force her and calls him a bully and a pig. She calls out to Johnny to come and help her. Sonny says Johnny won’t be able to find her when she’s locked up and Johnny finally comes out. Connie begs him to help her and do something. Johnny tells Sonny to take his hands off of her or he’ll call the cops and have Sonny charged with kidnapping and assault.

Sonny lets Connie go, but begs Johnny not to do this, to move out of the way and let him help a sick woman. Johnny says he can’t help Sonny. He and Connie leave.

Jason is still trying to get a hold of Sonny, but Sam tells him to let Dante handle the Joe thing. She offers to call John. Jason says John is busy and Sam wonders what he knows. John calls Jason and tells him the baby is missing.