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Nina Slaps Slutty Phyllis Silly on The Young and the Restless!

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Nina (Tricia Cast) got all up in Phyllis’ (Michelle Stafford) business, saying the idea of Phyllis sleeping with Ronan (Jeff Branson) was appalling. Nina verbally trampled Red with her indignation over a married woman publicly crowing about having an affair.

Never one to back down from a fight, Phyllis demanded to know if Nina had forgotten how Chance (John Driscoll) came into the world.  When Phyllis started counting off the ways Nina has been a bad mother, Nina hauled off and slapped the woman her son has fallen for.

Luckily for Phyllis, Nina got a call and told the person on the other line she wasn’t busy, just taking out the trash.

Please oh please The Young and the Restless, stick a fork in Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Phyllis. We need a legitimate reason more Nina vs. Phyllis, and "Phonan" could be it! If you do, I might forgive you for axing Marcy Rylan.

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At the police station, Nina asked her son why he’d endanger his career and ruin his reputation by having such a dangerous liaison.

Meanwhile, Lauren (Tracey Bregman) tried to talk sense into her wild-eyed friend.

After the juicy Nina vs. Phyllis scenes, did anything else on Thursday’s Y&R matter? Not as far as I’m concerned.  Relive the wonderful scene below!