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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Joe begs Tracy to hide him, because Sonny will frame him, as Dante bangs on the door. Joe hides in the living room, while Dante tells Tracy that he’s looking for Joe. At first she denies knowing him, but then says Joseph’s helping them redo the west wing. Dante tells her that Joe tried to kill Kristina to inherit her money. Tracy thinks this is preposterous, until Dante tells her that Kris is married to Joe’s son Trey. Dante explains that Trey shot Joe to protect Kris. He wants Tracy to tell him where Joe is or he’ll come back with a warrant.

Michael finds Kris and Trey at the PCPD and proceeds to attack Trey despite Kris’ protests that Trey actually saved her and stopped Joe. The cops break it up, but Michael still blames Trey for his father’s actions. Trey mentions that Kate is his mother. Michael admits that they knew, but wonders why Trey didn’t tell them when he found out so that Sonny could realize that Connie had reappeared.

Trey explains the fight with Kate/Connie. Michael complains to Kris about how bad the wedding was and Carly finding out Johnny was cheating with Connie.

Olivia’s worried about Kate and the fact that she can’t trust what she sees and isn’t in a position to help. Steven apologizes for not believing her. Olivia’s afraid the hallucinations will keep happening. Steve points out that they’ve actually been premonitions. Olivia just wants to get back to normal and the two head to the bedroom.

Alexis goes back to the boat to see how Sonny is. He’s angry that Connie jerked him around and hates him enough to marry Johnny. Sonny wants Connie to go to Shadybrook, but Alexis says only immediate family can have her committed and Olivia has her issues. Sonny wonders if they can have Connie arrested for causing the accident, but Alexis says the charges were already dropped against Kate.

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Sonny wants to go after Johnny, but Alexis warns him against it and asks what brought Connie to the surface. Sonny explains about Kate finding out about Trey. He is angry that Trey didn’t say anything about Kate knowing the truth. Sonny blames Joe for putting all of this in motion which led to him losing Kate.

Connie wants to be carried over the threshold, but Johnny’s not having any of it. She tells him to lose the attitude because she took the rap for him. Connie says Johnny’s hot for her and drops her dress. However, he knocks her down and says he doesn’t want her, he wants Carly. Johnny claims he loves Carly and that he changed for her and wanted a regular life.

Connie says he can’t change, but that she’s willing to accept him and that what they have is real. Johnny tells her to leave. However, she figures Sonny has his goons waiting and she’s going to stay put. Connie says they should make the most of their marriage. Johnny claims he could always have her committed. She reminds him she’ll go to the police.

Carly’s upset that Todd didn’t tell her the truth, he knew the whole time and let her get played for a fool. Todd claims he didn’t think it would get this far. Carly wants to know how long he’s known. Todd reminds her of the camera he had at the Star. Carly asks again why Todd didn’t tell her the truth. Todd says he couldn’t be the one to hurt her like that.

Carly wonders why Todd is okay with Connie walking around, after having killed Hope. Todd says Kate isn’t responsible and he doesn’t want Starr to relive that day. Todd says he’s sorry Johnny hurt her. Carly’s not sure why she’s mad at him , she should be mad at herself. They hug and Todd offers to let her sleep on his couch for the night.

Sonny and Alexis get to the PCPD where Kris tells them that Dante is out looking for Joe. Sonny spots Trey and attacks him. Michael says Trey saved Kris by shooting Joe. Sonny’s still upset that he can’t help Kate. Alexis mentions Olivia not being able to help, but that it needs to be a family member that commits Kate. Alexis stares at Trey as she’s saying this.

Tracy loudly tells Dante to come back with a warrant, all the while signaling him that Joe’s in the living room. However, when Dante runs in there, Joe has run out. Dante puts out an APB on Joe and says Tracy did the right thing. After he leaves, Tracy declares that Joe has lied to her for the last time.

Johnny Googles how to institutionalize your psychotic spouse.