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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason stops by Steve’s to ask if Heather has been there or contacted him. Steve says he hasn’t heard from his mother, but Jason and the police have his cooperation. Jason tells him that he has confirmation Tea’s baby is Sam’s. However, Heather took him. Steve asks if Sam knows. Jason says he doesn’t want to tell her now that the baby is gone and hurt her more. Steve says there is no guarantee the baby will be found safely and Sam needs to know.

Carly wakes up on Todd’s couch still upset over Johnny. Todd tells her to stay for breakfast, but Carly wonders what Johnny isn’t telling her. She understands the marriage from Connie’s side, but not from Johnny’s. Todd tells her she can do better than Johnny. Carly thinks it’s ironic that she finally signed the divorce papers from Jax, only to lose Johnny as well. Todd tells her to be mad at Johnny and then offers to make popcorn and watch a movie with her. After the movie, Carly decides she needs to go home to Josslyn, even though Todd offers to shower with her.

Maxie runs into Ellie at the hospital. She’s upset to hear how wonderful Ellie’s date was and how she and Spin spent the night at the observatory. Ellie wonders about Maxie’s concern, since she’s married to Matt. Maxie says Spin is important to her and has been hurt in the past. Ellie says she wouldn’t hurt him, he’s the only one who understands her. Ellie says Spin and Maxie can be friends if he’s in a relationship with her.

Sam demands Spinelli tell her what Jason was about to. Spin swears he doesn’t know, but Sam’s not buying it. Sam complains that Spin’s first loyalty is to Jason, which he denies. She tells him about Jason getting a call and wants to know where he went. Spin again swears he doesn’t know anything. Sam asks about the baby case he was working on and then mentions Liz coming to confess. Sam thinks Jason and Liz are keeping a secret from her and that Spin knows it. Spin says he only knows something partial, but that the theory didn’t pan out. Spin tells her to ask Jason for the details and runs out.

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John lets Anna in on everything regarding Heather taking the baby. Anna thinks she’s too emotionally involved with anything that has to do with Heather. She still hates her for lying about Robin. John tells Anna about the baby switch and Todd’s involvement. Anna wonders why Heather would take the child now and run. John admits he couldn’t tell Tea the truth about the baby. Anna says it will be very cruel when Tea does find out. Anna decides she should bring Steve in for questioning.

Duke sits and talks with comatose Robin, about how he never wanted to hurt either her or Anna. He blames Heather for giving Anna false hope. He says he can’t show her to Anna yet, but promises to reunite them. Dr. Swiss complains to him about Robin’s care at Ferncliff and how it could be irreversible. Duke reminisces about Anna and promises to mend her broken heart. Dr. Swiss asks about Luke, but Duke says he’s the man that Anna loves.

Spinelli finds Maxie and Ellie together, but Maxie assures him they’re just having girl talk. Ellie promises to do it again, before heading out with Spinelli for lunch.

Anna gets dizzy and John tells her to go home, get rest and food because she needs to stay in shape in case Heather comes at her again. When Anna gets to her hotel room, she finds it open, draws her weapon and comes across a man in her room. She is shocked to see that it’s Duke.

Steve has a knock on the door and opens it to find Heather and baby.

John shows up at Todd’s door and tells him that he knows what Todd has done.

Jason goes to Sam’s and tells her they need to talk about her son, who’s alive.