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Was Shagging Ronan a Mistake For Phyllis on The Young and the Restless?

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Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) put a dimmer on their afterglow, by telling a still-sweating Ronan (Jeff Branson) their tryst was a mistake on today's episode of The Young and the Restless. Later, they  questioned Kevin (Greg Rikaart) about the possibility of Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) blabbing their secrets. Meanwhile,  Cricket (Lauralee Bell) and Michael (Christian LeBlanc) were putting things together, regarding the night Kev helped Red move her dead, horny, ex-shrink's body.

A desperate Sharon (Sharon Case) pleaded with Avery (Jessica Collins) to get Victor (Eric Braeden) to drop the charges.  Little did Sharon know, Tucker (Stephen Nichols) was offering up Beauty of Nature in exchange for her freedom.

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Victor ageed to Tucker's terms, but only if Sharon gave him an anulment and dropped her abandonment lawsuit. Shortly after Sharon signed off on the pact, Victor discovered she’d sold off enough of his personal stake in Newman to make him vulnerable to a takeover. Considering Jack (Peter Bergman), Genevieve (Genie Francis), Abby (Marcy Rylan) and Tucker all tagged and grabbed Newman stock as it tumbled, The Black Knight could be in serious trouble.