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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke makes his grand return to Port Charles and decides to catch up with Lulu. She tells him about Heather’s escape, and in return, he tells her about Anna’s trip to Switzerland.  Luke says they became closer, but things went south when he confessed about Robert.  Lulu’s proud of him for telling Anna the truth.  Luke also informs his daughter that he found Robert and told him everything. Robert didn't take the news well either.  Lulu asks if Luke saw Ethan. Luke tells her that Ethan is happy, but likely won’t be coming back because of Helena.  Lulu hopes Anna forgives Luke.

Anna demands to know who is the mysterious, but familiar looking man in front of her. Duke tries to convince her that the man who died in her arms wasn’t him, but an imposter.  Anna doesn’t believe him, so Duke tells her to kiss him and she’ll know for sure.  He then tells her to get Robin, because she’ll recognize him. Anna tells him Robin is dead, just like Duke should be.

Anna explains about going to the clinic to find Robin and quickly becomes enraged.  She decides to arrest Duke for fraud and break and entering.  Duke plays to Anna's emotions and recites a few memories, word for word, that only he would know. He tells her that he remembers everything and those memories gave him hope to return to her.  Anna realizes that it really is Duke, and the two hug.

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Dante tells Olivia that they’re looking for both Joe Junior and Heather.  Olivia says she had another premonition and thinks Heather’s in town.  Olivia wants to assist in finding Heather and promises to let him know what else she sees.  Then, she excitedly says she has a premonition of him and Lulu and a baby.

Heather says she’s brought Steven a new baby brother.  He tells her that it’s wrong and she needs help.  He wants to check the baby, but realizes that she doesn’t have the baby with her at all. He violently takes out the blankets stuffed in the carrier.  Steve asks if she left the baby alone somewhere, because he could be in danger. Heather assures him the baby is safe, but if something happens to her, no one will find him.

Heather wants them all to be a family, but Steven says they aren’t the baby’s family. He firmly tells her Sam is the baby's mother.  Heather doesn’t think Sam deserves the baby and decides she’ll do this alone if Steve won’t help.  Steve backtracks and says he doesn’t want her to disappear. He believes they can make this work and be a family.  He asks Heather to take him to the baby and Heather agrees, but leaves the room to freshen up. Steve quickly tries to call Dante, as Heather looks on from the shadows. 

John tells Todd he knows Sam’s baby didn’t die, but was switched with Tea’s.  Todd claims to be shocked that Heather would have done something like this and wants to be the one to tell Tea.  John tells him the baby is gone, and Heather kidnapped him.

Jason explains to Sam that Heather was at the shack where she left her baby, and Todd happened to deliver Tea’s baby near there.  Thus, setting up the situation for the babies to be switched. Jason says he couldn’t listen to Sam blame herself anymore and needed to get the baby back for her.  Sam asks if he’s positive about the baby and Jason assures her that he is, but didn’t want to get her hopes up.  He explains that John helped in getting the DNA sample and gives her the results.

Dante gets home and finds Lulu waiting for him for another baby making session.  Luke arrives at the hotel to find Anna and Duke hugging.  Olivia returns home and finds Steve knocked out on the floor.

Sam wants to go to Llanview to see the baby, but Jason tells her that's impossible because Heather has kidnapped the child.

Heather promises the baby she won’t leave him again and it’s just the two of them from now on.  She swears they’re going someplace where no one will find them. .