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Is Nick a Bigger Ho than Sharon on The Young and the Restless?

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After discovering Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) sexing up Ronan (Jeff Branson), Summer (Lindsay Bushman) went runningall the way to Daddy Nick (Joshua Morrow). At first Nick didn’t believe Summer. He kept insisting her mom's affair was just for show.When his daughter revealed she’d seen the two together, a furious Nick galloped off to Red.

When Nick arrived to call Phyllis out, she countered by screaming about how alone she was. Ronan, unlike her husband, had been there for her. Where in the wedding vows does it say "I promise to be totally understanding when it comes out that my wife tried to kill two people 20 years ago"?

What was the first thing Nick did after leaving Phyllis? Run off and kiss Avery (Jessica Collins) of course! Sometimes I swear Nick is a way bigger ho than Sharon (Sharon Case).

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Victor (Eric Braeden) continued to worry about which of his enemies might attempt a hostile takeover of Newman Enterprises. He told Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) he knew Jack (Peter Bergman) had reached the five percent threshold. Unfortunately, based on stock sales, other enemies were positioning themselves for a possible move.

Ronan had good reason to worry about Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) spilling the beans about what Phyllis had done. The moment Michael (Christian LeBlanc) cornered his sister-in-law, she started singing like an American Idol reject at Crimson Lights.

Nikki confronted Tucker (Stephen Nichols) about Sharon.  As their argument escalated, she popped off and slapped the man! It wasn’t as good as the one Nina (Tricia Cast) dealt Phyllis, but it was fun to watch, just the same.

Sharon was shocked when Victor revealed what Tucker had sacrificed for her. She rushed off to find him, only to discover Tucker being carried off in chains.