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Rick Springfield: "I’ll Never Drink and Drive Ever Again"

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Periodic General Hospital star Rick Springfield (Noah Drake) made headlines earlier this year after being pulled over for a DUI. In an interview with Fox News, Springfield reflected on how the news affected his family.

FOX411: You had a DUI earlier this year. Were you mortified?

RS: Actually I was pissed off because I was down the street from my house. I’ll never drink and drive ever again. Everyone’s done it. The drag for me is my family because my wife gets embarrassed. If I wasn’t in the public eye no one would give a s**t about it so that’s why they’re (the press) doing it and I understand it. But to my family it’s their Dad, their husband and it’s really hard on them and that’s what upsets me the most.

Here's hoping the talented star makes good on that promise!

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