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Why Doesn't Anyone File Marriage Licenses on Bold and Beautiful?

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Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) appeared on edge as she questioned Stephanie (Susan Flannery) about whether Ridge (Ronn Moss) is returning home or not. Moss is no longer on the show, and there has been no official recasting news, so it’s pretty obvious Brooke is going to have to sit around and twiddle her thumbs.

At Bill (Don Diamont) and Katie’s (Heather Tom) house, Katie explained to Donna (Jennifer Gareis) that it turns out Brooke and Ridge weren’t officially married. Apparently, they never filed their marriage license. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

We have endured countless rinse and repeat storylines with Hope (Kim Matula) and Liam’s (Scott Clifton) various botched weddings over recent months, one of which involved marriage licenses not being filed. Now we have to suffer a similar lazy, stupid, idiotic explanation for Ridge and Brooke’s demise?  If I were the average The Bold and the Beautiful viewer I’d be done with this infantile storytelling. Does B&B need a binky, because the average day-to-day storylines have been so free of substance we might as well be sucking on a pacifier?

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The whole thing was so frustrating I couldn’t even enjoy it when Deacon Sharp (Sean Kanan) popped into Bill’s office.

I've tried; I really tried to look for glimmers of hope on The Bold and the Beautiful, but most days it is impossible.