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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke is shocked to see Duke Lavery alive and in Anna’s room of all places.  He reminds Anna that she just went through this with Robin, and advises her not to do it again.  Anna tells Luke that she is sure this is the real Duke Lavery.  Duke says he and Anna have a lot of catching up to do and wants Luke to leave. Luke points out that it’s his room, and he shares it with Anna.  Anna explains how she stayed in town to help with Emma and admits that she and Luke were involved.

Luke wants to discuss things privately, but Duke doesn’t want to leave because he fought so hard to get back to Anna.  Luke tells Anna that he found Robert and told him the truth. He wants to clear things up with her, because what they have is real. Luke doesn't want to lose Anna. Duke reminds them all that since he isn’t dead, Anna is still his wife.

Lulu and Dante are in the afterglow when Maxie shows up to talk to Lulu about her problems with Spinelli.  Olivia finds Steve, who tells her that Heather knocked him out. She calls Dante to meet them at the hospital.  Maxie’s upset that Ellie is so much like Spin, but Lulu reminds her that she wanted Spin to move on.  Maxie says she didn’t get a chance to tell Spin how she really feels about him. She loves him and confesses commitment doesn’t scare her anymore.

Maxie decides she needs to tell Spin, but Lulu warns that he might think she’s saying it because he’s with someone else.  She thinks Maxie needs to bring something else to the table to get his attention. Lulu says Maxie needs to show she cares for Spin and points to Maxie’s wedding ring.   Maxie knows she needs to prove to Spin that she cares, but needs to speak to Matt first.  

Jason explains to Sam that Heather grabbed the baby and ran.  Sam worries about what Tea will go through when she finds out the truth.  She wants to go out and find the baby before it’s too late.  Sam refuses to lose her child again.  Jason assures her there are many people looking for the baby. Sam thinks Heather might turn to Todd for help, because of their past.

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John tells Todd that Heather took Sam’s baby again and asks if Heather reached out to him.  Todd says he hasn’t heard from her in months, but John says they have proof that he saw her at Ferncliff.  John is sure that Heather is blackmailing Todd.  Todd says he’s going to go see Tea, but John warns that Tea will learn the truth about how he switched babies.  John tells Todd that Tea is paying for his lies again.  Todd asks John to leave immediately. John leaves, but not before saying he will return with an arrest warrant.

John arrives at the lake house and tells Jason and Sam that Todd isn’t talking, but clearly knows more.  Sam says she’s happy her son is alive, but terrified she won’t see him again.  She asks about the baby and John says he was big and healthy.

Ellie notices that Spin seems distracted after their lunch date and wonders what's going on with him. He tells her about his argument with Sam, but confides in Ellie that he didn’t want to raise Sam's hopes.  Olivia brings Steve into the hospital and Dante asks about Tea’s baby.  Spin overhears Steve say that the baby is actually Sam’s and is thrilled by the news. Spin calls Jason and Sam to come to the hospital.   Ellie tells Spin that Maxie cares about him and misses him in her life.  Spin says Maxie has no romantic interests in him, but he’s now open to new possibilities.  They kiss.

Dante’s shocked to hear about the switched babies.  Olivia realizes her premonition that Heather was in Port Charles was accurate and thinks everyone needs to start taking her visions seriously.  Dante asks if Heather said anything about a ransom, as JaSam arrive. Sam declares she’ll pay anything to get her son back.  Steve says it’s not about money, but about Heather wanting to raise the baby herself to prove she’s a good mother. He’s concerned since the baby takes medications for his disease.  

Heather calls Todd and explains that she has Sam’s child, because she wants to show everyone her amazing mothering skills.  Todd warns her that if she hurts the baby, he’ll hunt her down personally.  Heather wants his help in getting her out of the country.  Todd refuses to help her disappear, but Heather says she’ll tell everyone his part in the switch.

Luke informs Duke Lavery that he died, twice, so Anna is a twice a widow. She also went on to remarry Robert, and then David Hayward.  Duke says he’s not dead, so those marriages are null and void.  He says he’s not leaving until he speaks with Anna.  Anna gets tired of the bickering and decides to go back to work, leaving the men to continue to argue.

John finds Anna and says he thinks Todd will lead them straight to Heather.   

Heather gives the baby his medicine and realizes it’s the last dose.

Todd’s gets some money and is heading out to meet Heather, when a hysterical Tea shows up at his door.