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SPOILERS: A Family CRASHES and Burns on Young and Restless!

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Adam/Chelsea/Summer: The Newman black sheep and his wife get into a car crash, courtesy of his hot-headed niece. Chelsea is taken to the hospital, where doctors tell her she and her baby are fine. Once Adam gets word his wife and child are okay, he steps away from the hospital for a moment. Nick learns of the accident and accuses Adam of putting Summer and Chelsea in harms way. Adam burst Nick's bubble when he informs him the accident was caused by Summer. Not only that, but Adam is the one who saved his idiot daughter's life! 

Nick thanks Adam for his selfless act and the two find out Summer will be alright. Meanwhile, Chelsea gets devastating news — she has lost her baby boy.

The doctor isn't sure if the accident caused the miscarriage and needs to find out more. The newlyweds head home, where Adam is having a tough time talking about what happened. Later, Summer shows up to apologize for what she's done and is totally in the dark about Chelsea losing the baby. While the two are speaking, Summer tells Chelsea they should act as though the accident never occurred. Chelsea rips into Summer and tells her all about losing her baby. Summer is horrified and flees, causing Chelsea to realize Summer never knew about the miscarriage. Adam rushes out after the blow up, leaving his wife to wonder if he blames her for their tragedy.

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