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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Finds Heather and Their Baby on The ROOF of General Hospital!

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John tells Anna that if Heather is in town, Todd will lead them back to her. He then says for Anna to put him on the payroll and let him help find the baby.  When he asks her why she's so distracted, Anna explains her visit from her supposedly dead husband. 


Anna is convinced the man is Duke, even though she had long ago made peace with his "death". John wonders if she’s only seeing what she wants to see, but Anna is sure this man is her husband.  

Duke says he isn’t expecting it to be easy to step back into his old life, but what he and Anna had is worth it.  Duke questions Luke’s relationships with Robert and Anna, before reminding him again that Anna is his wife.  Luke asks where Duke has been all this time. He isn't buying the Turkish prison story. Luke thinks Duke is taking advantage of Anna, who is vulnerable after losing Robin.  Duke declares Anna is the love of his life and tells Luke to go chase after Laura. 

Tea informs Todd that Heather has her son. Llanview's Bo Buchanan told Tea that Heather had returned to Port Charles. Tea drove straight to town to ask Todd for his help. Tea freaks about her missing baby, and having trusted Heather. Todd tries to reassure his ex. 

Todd begins that he came to PC to start over and always has the best of intentions. Tea says she understands why Todd hired Heather, because he owed her, just like Tea did.  When Tea leaves the room to calm down, Todd runs down his options, whether to tell Tea the truth, or kill Heather, saving the baby and himself.  When Tea returns, Todd pretends to be on the phone getting details on Heather's location. When Todd says he's going to confront Heather, Tea says she's coming with. 

Sam is worried about the baby, because he needs his medications. Jason promises Heather will be caught, and Sam's baby will be returned to her. As Sam worries about not knowing what the baby looks like, Jason shows her the photos Tea sent. 

Sam worries that Heather will make them suffer, but Jason tells her to stay focused on the baby.  Sam says she isn’t his mother, that Tea is, and the baby won’t know her. Jason reminds her that she is the child's mother.

Heather worries when Todd doesn’t show up. Could he have turned on her? Heather decides to take the baby to the hospital to get some medications. 

Olivia is waiting for Steve when she sees Heather and panics. She quickly realizes it's Epiphany, not Heather.  Pif thinks Olivia is off her rocker. 

Anna and John head out, once they get a lead on Heather's whereabouts. Dante tells JaSam about the lead and heads off.  Sam wants to go with him, but Jason warns her that her presence might provoke Heather. 

Anna and John find the hotel room empty, but spot items for a baby.  Dante tells JaSam that Heather was gone when Anna got there. 

Epiphany shares her concerns about Olivia to Dante. She wants the woman's son to know she's hallucinating again.  

Tea and Todd get to the motel.  Anna reassures Tea that they are making progress in their search.  John asks how Todd knew to come to the motel and why he didn’t contact the police.  Tea demands to know what's going on. John asks Todd if he should tell her, or will Todd. 

Olivia takes the stairs to find Steven, but runs into Heather.  The two women fight and Heather throws Olivia down the stairs.  Sam and Jason find Olivia, who tells them that it was Heather.  They chase her up to the roof, where she’s with the baby.  Sam yells at Heather to give her back the baby.

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