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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam demands Heather give her back her son. She asks what it will take. Heather says she’s not letting him go, because she’s his mother now. Jason says the baby doesn’t belong to her. Sam won’t let her leave with the baby. Heather says to move aside and Jason says she’ll have to kill him first.

John says Todd’s been in contact with Heather, but Tea doesn’t believe him.  John says Heather called Todd’s phone an hour ago and they have the records to prove it. Todd sputters about rights violations.  John says the call came from this motel room. Todd says he didn’t call the police for fear that Heather would hurt the baby. John asks him if he was planning on letting Tea leave with the baby, something Tea questions.

John decides to tell Tea the truth, but Anna gets the call that Heather is at the hospital, holding the baby hostage and they head out.

Tracy pays Luke a visit. He explains about Anna being angry with him and the return of dead Duke Lavery. Luke doesn’t want to step aside. Tracy points out it’s Anna’s decision who she chooses. Luke explains what happened with Anna in Switzerland, she left to chase after the crazies, one of which Tracy says she’s all too familiar with. Tracy explains her relationship with Joe Junior and how she ultimately turned him in, but is still crazy about him.

Dr. Swiss arrives to give Duke an update on Robin. He lets her know how things went when he confronted Anna and his annoyance at Luke’s presence. Dr. Swiss reminds him that she warned him about Luke, but Duke thinks he’d win the fight. She says Luke and Anna clearly care about each other, but Duke isn’t giving her up. He asks about their new patient and out comes Joe Junior, alive and kicking.

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Dante appears on the roof, guns blazing. Heather snarks that he’s still angry about what happened with Olivia. Dante orders her to hand over the baby. Heather warns not to force her to do something they’ll regret and tells Dante to leave. Jason tells Dante he’ll find a way to talk her down and Sam begs him to leave, which he does.

Olivia tells Epiphany and Steve that Heather was in the building, just like in her vision and is on the roof with the baby. Dante checks in and lets them know the situation on the roof. Steven wants to go and talk his mother down, but Dante stops him. Dante says it’s Sam’s baby and it’s her decision. Epiphany is shocked to hear the babies were switched.

Heather accuses Jason of never wanting the baby, but Jason denies that. Heather says their marriage was in shambles and the baby deserves better than them, than Jason as his father. Sam continues to beg her to give the baby to them. Heather accuses Sam of keeping her away from Steven. Sam says she’s had her revenge. She loves her son more than life itself.

Heather says Sam left the baby for dead after giving birth in a seedy hotel with no regard to his welfare. She accuses Sam of wanting the baby to die and that she’ll make a better parent then either of them. Sam says she’ll help Heather be a mother, to Steven, that she’ll help make it happen. She offers Steven in exchange for the baby.

At the hospital, Tea wants to go up on the roof, but John stops her, not wanting to excite Heather. Dante tells them that JaSam is up there with Heather. Tea wonders who JaSam are and why they’re with her son, but Todd says nothing. Anna uses the bullhorn to call out to Heather that the hospital is surrounded and promises to give her leniency if she gives up the baby.

Jason says Heather needs to give them the baby, that there is no other choice. Sam begs for the baby. Heather says if she can’t have the baby no one can and throws herself off the side of the building.