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Does Reege Agree With Mitt Romney's Comments About "Sharp-Tongued" The View Co-Hosts?

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Regis Philbin dropped by Joy Behar: Say Anything on Current TV. During their chat, Behar asked Philbin what he thought of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney avoiding The View and his comment about the ladies being “sharp-tongued”.

Behar: “He was caught in that 47 percent, you know, Americans are on the boob speech, and he said that we were a bunch of sharped-tongue women at The View. What do you think of that?”

Philbin: “I think he is right on the money, I’m sorry. Way to go Mitt! No, you gals, I’ve always thought were very, very fair.”

Behar also didn’t pass up the chance to asked Philbin what he thinks of Kelly Ripa’s new co-host Michael Strahan. During the segment Philbin reminded Behar, as only he could, how Ripa owed everything to him. Watch the clip after the jump!

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