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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam orders Heather to give her the baby.  Heather coldly tells Sam "If she (Heather) can’t have him, no one can." Shockingly, Heathers throws herself and the baby off the roof. Jason lunges to save the baby from a terrible fate. Somehow, he manages to grab the baby and save him from harm. However, Heather isn't so lucky and hits the ground below.

On the hospital grounds, Liz helps the paramedics stabilize Heather.  Anna warns her not to die, because they have unfinished business.  Meanwhile, Tea tries everything to get away from Todd to go on the roof.  Anna tells them not to go up there, and informs Todd separately that she knows he had a role in the switch. She sternly warns him not to leave town.  Tea continues to insist on seeing her son. 

Sabrina tells Patrick there’s a crazy lady on the roof with a baby.  Steve explains to everyone it’s Heather. Dante runs in to tell Steve that Heather went over the roof, and he heads out.  Liz tries to stop him, but he is determined to help his mother.  Heather is taken into the hospital where Patrick and Sabrina work on her. 

Jason, Sam and the baby come down from the roof.  Britt offers to check the baby for any injuries.  John wants Anna to wait until everyone is settled to get official statements. Anna wishes to speak with Steve, but Liz angrily says Heather is crazy and there is no forgiving what she’s done. Liz doesn't see any need for Steve to be involved in the madness. Steve knows Heather is a crazy kidnapper, but she’s still his mother. 

John tells Sam and Jason the police will need their official statements.  Sam asserts Jason did nothing wrong and saved the baby.  John acknowledges that, saying they have the security footage to back up her claims. 

Tea sees the baby with everyone, and recognizes Sam as the woman who lost her baby that night.  She thanks the group for saving her son.  John says they need to talk, but Tea just wants her baby.  Tea tries to grab her baby, but Jason and Sam coldly turn her down. John and Todd hold Tea back, while JaSam head off to have the baby checked out. 

Patrick tells Steve that Heather is alive, but has internal bleeding and a damaged vertebra.  Steve reassures Heather that Patrick will do the surgery.  Heather apologizes for betraying his trust.  Liz takes Steven away.  He blames himself, but Liz says it’s not his fault. Heather manipulated him, and he should just let it go.

Anna asks Heather about her association with Todd.  In turn, Heather asks about her reunion with Robin. Anna calls Heather a liar and informs her that Robin wasn’t at the clinic.  Sabrina overhears, as Heather swears she saw Robin alive.  Anna warns Heather never to say Robin’s name again, because she’s tired of the lies and manipulations.  Anna assures Heather she’s going to make sure that Heather gets assigned to somewhere worse than Ferncliff. She vows Heather will never see the light of day or Steven again.  However, Anna is willing to offer Heather a deal, if she confesses Todd helped her with the switch. 

Steve apologizes to Dante for what his mother did to Olivia.  He’s upset that he signed the release papers and believed she was better.  Steven wonders if it’s better for everyone if Heather doesn’t survive the surgery.  Sabrina tells Patrick she thinks Robin is alive. 

Britt gives the baby a clean checkup, but wants to keep him overnight to be safe.  She offers to have his medical records from Llanview brought over to the hospital.  Liz hands Sam the baby and tells her she’s happy for her, which Sam appreciates.  Sam’s not sure how to feel about getting her son back, since this means Tea will lose him. Jason tells her to keep the baby safe and love him.

Liz looks troubled outside the hospital and Britt offers her an ear.  Liz mentions losing Jake and thinks it's unfair that one mother is having a reunion with her child, while the other is losing hm.

Tea tells the guys that while she’s sorry that Sam lost her child, she can’t borrow Tea’s.  She says the last three days have been terrifying for her and wants their help in bringing the baby to her.  John warns Todd that he’ll tell Tea the truth himself if Todd doesn't man up.  Todd finally informs Tea she’s not getting the baby back, because he is not hers.  Tea says she delivered the baby, but Todd says that baby isn’t this one. 

Todd says he’s sorry for everything he’s ever done to her, but the baby isn’t Victor. He breaks the news that Tea’s child is dead and this baby belongs to Sam.

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