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Stephanie Forgoes Cancer Treatment on The Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful kicked off its two-week celebration of Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) with Stephanie and Eric (John McCook) awaiting test results at the doctor's office. When the doctor finally showed, she revealed Stephanie's cancer had metastasized to her liver and bones.

Eric seemed to be having a harder time handling Stephanie’s diagnosis than Stephanie herself. He became very upset when Stephanie told him she didn’t want to have chemo and radiation treatments when it wouldn’t cure her. Eric pointed out that it worked for her last time. Stephanie replied that the circumstances are now different. She won’t win this fight. The doctor gave Stephanie and Eric some more time, but before she exited, she told Stephanie to let her know when she had made her final decision. After the doctor left, Stephanie and Eric had a tearjerker of a conversation during which Stephanie said her mind was made up.

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At Bill (Don Diamont) and Katie’s (Heather Tom) home, a doctor arrived to check Katie’s heart. Bill told the doctor that Katie hadn’t been sleeping or eating enough. When the doctor asked Katie if she was depressed, Katie asked what reason she would have to be depressed.  As their discussion continued, Katie’s doctor indicated she might have post partum depression, but nothing is sure yet. However, it was something Katie and Bill needed to be aware was a possibility.

I do not understand how or why The Bold and the Beautiful can be so amazing on days like today, but can be so terrible the next? I really hope for the next two weeks we don’t have to watch Steffy/Liam/Hope, because I’m not sure I could forgive that trash stinking up Stephanie’s exit storyline. Monday's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful may just be its best of 2012 to date.

I couldn’t help but think how appropriate it might be for Bill and Katie to become the next Eric and Stephanie. It would need to be done very slowly and with great care, but it could be done.