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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Todd explains to Tea that her baby died that night in the woods.  Tea orders him to stop telling her such lies and slaps him.  She begs John for the truth, and he admits everything Todd is saying is the truth.  John reveals to Tea that Sam was in a shed close to the highway with her baby, and the children were switched. Tea angrily tells him to prove it, so John shows her the DNA results that show Sam as the mother.

John informs Tea that her son is buried in a cemetery.  Tea demands the body be exhumed and have new tests conducted by an independent agency.  John tells her the results will be the same, death due to respiratory distress and Hemophilia. Tea admits the disease runs in her family.  John breaks the news to Tea that Beta Thalassemia runs in Sam’s.

Sam’s worries the baby doesn’t know her and she isn't prepared for him. Jason tells her the baby is back where he belongs and she looks beautiful with him.  She feels guilty for being so happy while Tea is grieving.

Tracy and Luke share dinner. They admit their minds are stuck on Joe Jr. and Duke Lavery, respectively.  Luke feels Duke is up to something with Anna. He doesn't like it one bit and thinks she's been hurt enough. 

Meanwhile, Duke admonishes Joe for botching his plans for Sonny.  Duke wants everything back and needs Sonny's money and power to accomplish this goal. Duke explains he transferred most of Sonny’s assets into Kristina’s name all Joe had to do was kill her. Then, Trey would inherit the millions and Duke would run the empire.  Duke decides he needs another plan to takeover Sonny's empire.  He blames Joe for the screw up and warns that someone’s will have to do die.

Alexis advises Sonny that while Olivia might not be able to have Connie committed, Trey could, because he's her son.  Sonny thinks Trey will leave town due to his father's actions.  Sonny says he’ll do anything to get Kate back, but Joe turned Trey against his mother.  Alexis thinks they can leverage Trey’s guilt over what happened to Kristina.

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Trey wants to know where he and Kristina stand.  She says she’s not his wife anymore, and believes she doesn’t matter to him.  Trey assures Kristina he cares about her.   They walk in the house as Alexis is telling Sonny to talk to Trey.  Sonny says he needs Trey's help with Connie/Kate.

Connie wants to be added to Johnny’s financial accounts, but he reminds her he’s low on money since the Jerry fiasco.  Carly shows up to apologize for her reaction at the wedding and give them a wedding present.  Carly gives Johnny the bracelet he gave her, because it's a piece of junk now.  Carly complains both Jason and Todd warned her about Johnny, but she didn’t listen.  She calls him a liar and a hypocrite, and Johnny tries to deny it.  Carly firmly tells him to own it.

Carly says Todd was there for her when she needed him. Johnny angrily tells her to stay away from Todd.  Carly informs Johnny she can see who she wants, and points out Johnny married someone else. She goes on to say she wishes Todd had told her sooner about the affair.  Johnny doesn't think Carly knows what Todd is capable of, and tries to tell her what he's done. However, before he can explain, Connie stops him. Carly gives Johnny one last kiss, as a reminder of what he’s giving up.  She tells him to live with the choice he’s made and storms out.

Sabrina explains to Patrick what she heard Heather tell Anna. She also tells him Anna didn’t seem surprised by the Robin talk.  Patrick questions Anna, who explains Heather's words and her trip to Switzerland.  Patrick refuses to believe people come back from the dead.

Patrick tells Anna sometimes he hears Robin’s voice asking for his help.  Anna admits she feels it too, especially today, Robin’s birthday.  Patrick regrets not taking those trips with Robin.

Britt’s angry with Sabrina for telling Patrick her news about Robin.  She talks to Patrick, who is upset Heather is lying to ruin lives.  She accuses Sabrina of breaking Patrick’s heart and offers to drive him home.

Todd tells Tea she did a great job and was a terrific mother to Victor. He wishes he’d had a mother like her.  Todd assures her the baby will know he was well cared for and loved. Victor was lucky to have her as a mother.

Sam says she doesn’t know what to call the baby.  Tea comes in and says his name is Victor.  Tea knows the truth about the baby, but she's been his mother from the day he was born and needs to say goodbye.  She asks for permission to hold him and Sam hands the baby to her.

Tea tells the baby to be good to Sam.  She explains his sleeping and eating habits and gives them his ducky.  She says goodbye to Victor and runs off.  Todd wants to go after her, but police officers show up to arrest him.

Anna arrives at her hotel room, where Tracy asks about Joe.  Anna says they haven’t found him, but did find Heather and the baby. She promptly sends Tracy on her way.  Luke needs to speak with Anna, but she’s had a long day and asks him if they can wait until tomorrow.

Sam tells him they need to give the baby a name. It has to be one that means something to them.  They welcome him as Daniel Edward.