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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason informs Sonny of Anna's desire to discuss what happened on the roof with Heather. Jason says he's not worried because the security footage will clear him of any foul play. Sonny wonders if Sam wants Jason to be part of her life now. Jason wishes to bring Sam and the baby home and start over. However, he's not sure what kind of life they would have or if Sam even wants them to be a real family.

The Davis clan excitedly gets ready to pay Sam and Daniel a visit at the hospital.

Sonny asks if Jason plans on leaving the business. He points out no one has the perfect life and people get hurt and disappointed. However, Sonny believes you need to love them though all that. Jason says he’s trying to do what’s right, but he wants to be with Sam and Daniel. Sonny tells him to trust his instincts and fight for what's in his heart. Sonny likens the situation with Kate, and his battle to save her from herself. He refuses to give up on her. He tells Jason not to give up on Sam.

Sam talks to baby Daniel about being a good mom and Jason as his father. Jason introduces Monica to the baby and she’s thrilled by the name, but asks if the last name will be Morgan or McCall. The Davis family arrives and fawns over the baby.  Molly remembers the funeral and their tears for a child that wasn’t theirs.  Sam says the baby needed to be mourned.

Tea pays Todd a visit at the PCPD and wants to know if he knew the baby wasn’t hers. Tea says she noticed John was prodding Todd to confess to something, but Todd was dodging. She knows Todd is capable of switching babies, and wonders if he did in this case.  Todd goes over the events of that heartbreaking night. He claims he gave Heather the baby to care for, and didn’t know she’d given him back a different baby.  Tea questions why he didn’t notice if the new baby had a different feel or weight. She asks if he saw Sam, but Todd denies it.

Tea says she doesn’t know what to believe.  She knows Todd feels guilty for killing Victor and would have done anything to save her baby. However, she believes given the opportunity, he would have switched the babies to make sure she wasn’t hurt anymore.  Tea tells him giving her a baby only to have it taken away is worse.

Connie flirts with Johnny, and then throws yogurt on him for looking at websites about committing a spouse. Johnny manhandles Connie and says maybe he’s ready to commit her. Connie knows he won’t since it means prison for him. However, Johnny figures he’ll lose his freedom, but she’ll lose her existence. Connie wants them to stop fighting and start having fun together.

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Starr finds Trey looking at his annulment papers and explains Sonny wants his help committing Connie. Starr urges Trey to sign them, so Kate can get the help she needs. Trey isn’t sure he wants to help the woman who abandoned him. Starr points out Kate was young and panicked, but Trey helped his father conspire against Kristina. Trey continues to deny he knew anything about the kidnapping. Starr says Connie will go free, thanks to Johnny’s help.  Trey notices on the computer Todd has been arrested for kidnapping, and Starr heads out to find her father.

Anna tells Luke it’s her and Duke’s wedding anniversary, and everything feels like a dream. Luke informs her he told Duke to leave, and he’s not ready to give her up on her. Anna’s worried Duke’s enemies can find him, but Luke figures his escape from prison proves he can hold his own. He wants to talk about them and get past the Robert incident, but Anna accuses him of being a liar. Luke reminds her that she’s a cop and should be careful. He advises her to check out Duke’s story, including his fingerprints and DNA.

Joe Jr. tells Duke they need to kill Kristina before the annulment papers are final. Duke says they've been filed, so Trey won’t inherit a dime. Joe asks who else has to die. Suddenly, Duke pulls a gun on Joe and utters, "You do", referring to Joe. Joe knows Duke loves Anna, but Luke is suspicious of Duke. Joe thinks Duke needs someone to do his dirty work. He says he’ll take care of anyone who stands in the way, but isn't happy when Duke names someone.

Monica tells Jason that Heather survived the surgery, but is in a coma.  She asks if he and Sam are getting back together.  Jason says he loves Sam and the baby, but it doesn’t change the mistakes he's made. He's decided to leave everything up to Sam.

Sonny goes to Johnny’s in an attempt to get through to Kate.  Sonny promised he would never leave Kate, and intends on keeping that promise. Connie says Kate is gone, but Sonny knows Kate’s in there desperately trying to get out.  Sonny starts talking about having Connie committed, but Connie reminds him only Johnny can do that.  Sonny warns her not to be so sure.

Sam worries she doesn’t have all the stuff she needs for the baby, but Alexis says everything is being delivered today. They fawn all over the baby again, and little Daniel just soaks it all up.

Duke shows up at Anna’s with flowers for their anniversary.  Joe appears at Trey’s apartment.

Starr sees Tea at the station and asks if her father did this.  Tea suggests if Todd will tell the truth, it will be to Starr.

Sam tells Jason everything is set up at the lake house.  In turn, Jason says he wants her to come with him.