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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Michael tells Carly that Sam has her baby back.  Carly’s thrilled for Jason and hopes Sam does the right thing by allowing Jason back into her life.  Michael explains what happened with Tea, and Carly’s concerned about Todd.

Duke reassures Anna he’s here to stay and asks if she remembers their wedding. Anna remembers that day very well.  Anna says she’s a different woman now, but Duke feels they still love each other. He wants them to start over. Anna says Luke helped her after Robin’s death, and they are more than friends.

Duke decides to leave, but Anna asks him to stay for breakfast.  She points out they don't know each other as well as in the past. Duke thinks she’s in denial about her feelings, and knows they're soul mates. They end up in a kiss.

Trey wants to call the police, but Joe begs him to do otherwise.  Joe says he now has a powerful ally who’s going to help them take Sonny down.  Trey wants to know the mystery persons identity. He thinks his father should turn the person in. However, Joe refuses because Trey has no idea what this person is capable of.

Lulu’s frustrated that she’s not pregnant yet and wonders if Dante's swimmers are the problem. He swears he’s in working order, but offers to go to the doctor with her.  Luke shows up as Dante’s leaving to speak with Lulu. Lulu tells Luke that she and Dante are having trouble conceiving, but understands she needs to be patient.  Luke informs her about Duke’s return and the impact of it on his relationship with Anna.

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Luke’s concerned about Anna’s lack of suspicion of Duke and thinks he’s an imposter. He explains Duke and Jonathan Paget’s back story to Lulu. She wonders how he plans on proving Duke isn’t real deal. Luke answer is simple, DNA.

Starr wants Todd to tell her the truth about this knowledge of the baby switch. Todd begins to deny knowing anything, but Starr warns him that if he lies to her, she’ll be gone for good. Todd confesses he knew the baby was Sam's all along. Todd says he wasn’t going to be the one to tell Tea that her son was dead, so he gave her Sam’s baby.  He swears he didn’t mean to lie this time.

Starr can’t understand why Todd would inflict that kind pain on Sam, knowing what Starr went through when she lost her child.  Todd couldn’t bring himself to tell Tea the truth. Starr asks if he’ll confess and possibly face jail time.  He tells her the most evidence they would have against him right now is her testimony against him. He begs his daughter not to say anything.

Jason wants to share his life with Sam and the baby, but Sam doesn’t want to be an obligation.  Jason apologizes for shutting her out.  Sam says she was angry, but feels confused now.  Jason promises nothing will stand in the way of their dream life. 

Jason asks about McBain, but Sam says her priority is the baby. She needs Jason to love Daniel and be a father to him.  Jason professes the baby's DNA doesn't mean anything, and wants to be there for him. He promises never to hurt or leave Sam again. Jason swears he will love her forever. Sam thinks it will take a toll on Danny if they try and fail.

Dante stops by the hospital and asks Epiphany for help in getting a sperm count test.  She gives him a sample bottle and tells him to fill it up. After, she’ll have the lab run an analysis.

A thrilled Carly finds Jason and the baby together.  She can’t believe Heather pulled did something so outrageous like this. Jason says it wasn’t just Heather, but Todd was in the woods that night as well.  Carly can’t believe Todd would do that, claiming he’s been a friend to her.  Sam returns and Carly tells her to do the right thing, and let Jason be a part of their lives.

Michael stops by to see Starr, but Trey tells him he's busy and she’s not there.  Michael pushes his way in, thinking Trey’s with Kristina. He's more than surprised to see Joe Junior in front of him.  Michael calls Dante, but Joe pulls his gun.

Todd’s happy to have Carly pay him a visit, but she asks if he has anything to do with taking Jason and Sam’s baby.

Jason asks Sam if she’s willing to let him be Danny’s father.  Sam says she’s wasted enough time. She's ready to go home with Jason and be a family.