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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Todd can't believe Carly would entertain the idea he switched Sam and Tea's babies.  Carly needs to know the truth and asks him not to lie.  Todd begins to tell her how hard Tea took the news, when John joins them. Carly informs John she and Todd are having a private conversation, but John could care less. John wonders why Carly is so hostile towards him, and admits it's because of his relationship with Sam.

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Todd says he gave the unresponsive baby to Heather, and she gave him back a healthy one.  John thinks he’s still lying.  Carly doesn't completely believe him either. She dares him to swear on Starr’s life he’s telling the truth. 

Starr returns home and Joe Jr. points a gun at her. Then, he orders Michael to hang up on Dante. Joe says he’s going to leave with Starr, since she’s his insurance now.  Trey begs his father to let Starr go and turn himself in to the cops. He pleads with Joe to prove he’s the good man who raised him. Dante can feel something isn't right and heads over there.

Bernie leaves an urgent voice message for Jason to meet him on the pier. Then, he reminisces about the night back in December when he was shot in Sonny’s office in place of Jason.  In the flashback, Duke paid Bernie visit before his surgery. He threatened to harm Bernie's family if he didn’t transfer Sonny’s money into Kristina’s account. 

Jason, Sam and Danny go home for the first time.  Sam worries the crib hasn’t been delivered yet, but Jason assures her he has a portable one. They’re happy to be one big family.  Sam’s happy they’re back to the way they were supposed to be.  They put Danny to bed, and then steam up their own he sheets. The two declare their love for each other.  The baby starts to cry, so Sam gets him while Jason puts his wedding ring back on.  He puts Sam’s ring back on her finger, and she declares to never remove it again.  Sam takes a picture of their family. 

Duke wants to make love to Anna, but Anna stops him before things go too far. However, Duke does some sweet-talking and Anna falls back into his arms. Luke walks in on the two passionately kissing.   Luke can’t believe Anna is prepared to be with Duke again. He thinks Duke should prove his identity by having a DNA test. Duke vehemently refuses.

Duke says Anna knows who he is, which is good enough for him.  Anna accuses Luke of being an investigator, but Luke says someone needs to be. He proceeds to pull a hair off of Duke’s head.  Duke’s angry, but tells Anna they’ll pick up where they left off when he returns.  Luke wants to know if Duke is a fraud. 

Lulu sees Dr May, who tells her she needs to be patient about getting pregnant. The doctor mentions Dante getting his sperm count checked, which surprises Lulu.  Dr May offers to run a few more tests, which Lulu initially declines. However, she changes her mind at the last minute and takes the tests. Later on, the doctor tells Lulu fertility is not the issue. 

Dante arrives at Trey’s, and is informed of Joe Jr.'s latest actions. Trey tells Dante his father isn’t working alone, and everything has been someone else’s idea. He's unsure of his father's accomplice, but knows this person is dangerous. Michael worries the mystery person is after Sonny.  Trey knows nothing of his father’s mob life, and Dante tells him to let him know if he remembers anything.  Dante gets a call to meet Lulu at the hospital. 

Diane arrives and declares herself Todd’s new lawyer, which surprises Carly.  Diane says there is no evidence of kidnapping or fraud and orders Todd to be released.  John warns Carly she’s been snowed. 

Carly tells Todd she needs to hear him swear to the truth. He swears on Starr’s life he had nothing to do with the baby switch. 

Sam and Jason listen to Bernie’s urgent message and Sam tells him to go see what’s wrong with him. He doesn’t want to leave on her first night back. Sam reassures him it's okay, but wants him to be careful.  After Jason leaves, John shows up at her door. 

Lulu tells Dante she can’t have a baby. 

Joe finds Bernie on the pier and pulls a gun on him. Bernie warns Joe that if anything happens to him, Sonny will have his head on a platter. Joe says he’s more worried about what Duke will do and shoots Bernie.  Before Joe gets off his second shot, Jason shows up and shoots Joe.  Bernie tries to tell Jason about the money, but Duke shoots Jason in the back.