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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Duke tells Jason he shouldn’t have interfered, and pushes him into the water.  He’s angry with Joe for botching yet another job, and shoots Bernie again for good measure. Joe slips away and escapes Duke's rage.

Lulu informs Dante that Dr. V ran some tests and determined she can’t carry a baby to term.  She feels it’s her fault, but Dante tells her otherwise. He convinces her to tell Dr. V her fear that her abortion years ago caused the infertility.  Dr. V rules out Lulu's theory.

It turns out Lulu has a genetic condition where her uterus is malformed and cannot carry a baby to term.  She’s surprised to hear the diagnosis, because she doesn't recall any family history of the disease. Dante reassures Lulu the condition is not her fault. The couple shares a hug, as Lulu cries on Dante's shoulder. Dr. V returns with some pamphlets for alternatives to having a child. She reminds Dante and Lulu they can still achieve their dream of having a child.

Police officers show up at Trey’s apartment to get a statement regarding Joe.  Sonny arrives and Michael tells him Joe was there and threatened to take Starr.  Sonny gets a call from Bernie to get to the pier.  Michael wants to go, but Sonny forces him to stay behind. Trey and Michael still want to follow Sonny, but Starr says they’re staying with her. She refuses to lose them like she lost Cole and Hope.

Anna tells Luke they can’t check Duke’s DNA, since he doesn’t have a sample on file.  Luke suggests she check his fingerprints and compare them to what’s in the PCPD database.  Anna continues to stall and Luke figures out she’s afraid to discover that Duke is a liar.  Luke says he has feelings for her, but she’s too smart to let herself fall for Duke's stunt. He advises her to run the prints.

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Monica’s celebrating being a new grandmother and refuses to let Tracy’s negative comments about the baby’s true paternity derail her happiness. Monica feels the baby is still Alan’s grandson and mentions Daniel's middle name being Edward. Tracy's not impressed by the child being named after her father. Monica brings up her medical bag being in disarray, and Tracy admits she pulled a bullet out of Joe's shoulder.

Tracy explains what happened that night, and Monica asks if Tracy has turned her back on him.  After Monica leaves, Joe shows up bleeding from another gunshot wound. Tracy wants to call the police.  Joe says Sonny shot him, and he’s not afraid to die. However, he just wants Tracy to call Trey so he can say good-bye.   Joe tells Tracy she owes him for saving her life, and explains about giving her his only antidote to Jerry’s poison.  Tracy’s shocked Joe was working for Jerry, but he urges her to call Trey.

John’s surprised to find Sam at the penthouse. She tells him the good news about she, Jason and the baby being a real family.  Sam knows she and John have feelings they need to resolve, but she still wants to be his friend. Sam maintains she wants John in her life, and thanks him for helping her with the baby.

Sam asks John about Liam. He doesn't have good news, but vows to get his son back. Sam asks if he’s planning on staying in Port Charles, and John wonders if his presence will cause problems for her. Sam admits she would miss him.  John informs her Todd was released from jail and denies having any involvement in the kidnapping.  

Sonny arrives at the pier and asks Bernie what happened.  Bernie tells him Jason was shot and is in the harbor, so Sonny jumps in.  Sonny doesn’t find Jason, and returns to the pier to get more answers from Bernie. However, Bernie dies before he can tell Sonny anything else. Meanwhile, police divers show up and attempt to look for Jason.

Duke returns to the hotel room where Luke and Anna are still questioning his identity. They inform Duke they want to run his prints to prove he is the real Duke Lavery. Duke accuses Luke of wanting Anna for himself.  In turn, Luke says he doesn’t want to see her hurt.  Anna believes Duke, but runs the tests anyway. The results come back and the two sets of fingerprints are a perfect match. 

Tracy calls Trey and urges him to visit his father immediately.  Trey lies to Starr and Michael and tells them Kristina wants to see him because she's worried. Michael is weary something happened to Jason, and thinks Trey lied about Kristina needing him. Michael decides he's going to help Sonny.

Trey shows up at the mansion, and Joe tells him to always remember that he loves him. When Trey asks his father who shot him, he lies and says it was Sonny.

The police divers conclude the current likely dragged Jason a mile out.

Sam is surprised to find Sonny at her door.