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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam introduces Sonny to the baby and goes on about being a happy family with Jason again.  Sonny interrupts and breaks the news to her that Jason has been shot and thrown into the harbor. Sonny tells her he dove into the water to look for him, but came up empty. Sam needs to see for herself, and leaves Sonny in charge of the baby.

Lulu can’t believe how hurt she is over not being able to carry a child.  Dante reassures her there are other ways to have a family.  He gets a call about the pier, and heads out after Lulu convinces him she’ll be okay.  Maxie finds her and wonders if Lulu’s tears are of joy because she’s pregnant. However, Lulu busts Maxie's bubble and explains her condition. Maxie offers her condolences and asks about the pamphlets.  Lulu says they contain other options, but she’s not interested right now.  Lulu wants a strong drink, so the two head to Jake’s. 

Joe dies after telling Trey that Sonny shot him.  Trey begs Tracy to get him to a hospital, but she says it’s too late and nothing can be done. Tracy suggests they need to call the police.  Trey asks her to call Kristina and Tracy obliges.  Trey wonders why his father ended up here, and Tracy explains they were friends.  She gives Trey his father’s medallion and he’s grateful to have it, since his was taken from him. 

Starr and Michael are surprised when Kristina shows up looking for Trey. They quickly realize he went to find his father.  Kristina gets the call from Tracy and heads out.  Sonny phones Michael to tell him Bernie and Jason have been shot and he needs Michael to baby-sit Daniel.

Spinelli and Ellie show up at Jake’s to find Mac, Felicia, Shawn and Alexis in the middle of another strip poker game.  Ellie drools over Shawn’s half naked body.  Spin introduces Ellie to Mac and Felicia, and Felicia thinks Ellie is Maxie’s replacement.  Mac points out that Spin offered Maxie his heart, but she rejected him. 

Shawn and Alexis make small talk about Trey and the annulment.  Ellie and Spin join them, and Spin is thrilled to hear that JaSam have reconciled. 

Maxie tells Lulu she went to see Matt, who was fine with getting a divorce. She wants to tell Spin about Matt's decision. Lulu thinks it’s a bad idea, but Maxie approaches Spin and lets him know. 

Trey talks to his father and sulks over not having any family now. He wonders if he should avenge his father's death.  Kristina arrives, surprised to see Joe dead.  Trey tells her Sonny killed him.  Kris cautions him that they don't know for sure who murdered him, but she wouldn't be surprised if it was Sonny.

Dante’s on the scene getting caught up to speed on the latest happenings when Sam arrives. Dante says their calling off the search, since it’s too cold and the current is too strong.  Sam knows Jason is down there, and they can’t stop looking for him now.  She refuses to give up and asks for a wet suit to look for Jason herself. Dante doesn’t want her going in the water, but she tells him she’s going down and no one can stop her. 

Michael wants to go with Sonny to the scene, but Sonny doesn’t want him to see Jason if the worst has happened. Therefore, Michael and Starr babysit Danny while Sonny returns to the pier.  Michael talks about Jason's great fathering skills and explains his upbringing with Jason. Starr urges him to stay hopeful as long as possible. 

Sonny gets back to the scene and lets Dante know what Bernie told him.  Before Dante can investigate, he gets a call about Joe and leaves. Sam arrives in a wet suit and tells Sonny she’s going to find Jason. 

Tracy wonders about Joe's admission that he saved her with his only antidote to Jerry's poison. Dante arrives and Tracy explains everything.  Trey tells him Sonny is a suspect, but Dante reminds him Sonny was at his apartment when the original call came in.  Trey figures Sonny headed straight to the pier and shot Joe.  Dante says only one gun was recovered, and it appears to be Joe’s. 

Dante mentions Bernie’s death and Jason's shooting, but Trey swears his father didn’t do it.  Trey claims Sonny told Jason to kill Joe.  Dante asks Tracy if there is more to her story, and she hesitates, but denies anything else.   Trey complains to Kristina that everything they said about his father was true. He was a criminal and a murderer, but he was still his father and he loved him. 

Sam comes out of the water and Sonny asks if she found anything.  Sam shows him the phoenix.

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