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Jack Abbott Makes Moves Like Jagger on The Young and the Restless

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Victor’s (Eric Braeden) former office sans self-portrait was a thoroughfare of traffic as Neil (Kristoff St. John), Billy (Billy Miller), Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Abby (Marcy Rylan) all paraded in and out of Jack’s (Peter Bergman) new corporate digs. In his continued good mood, Jack offered Neil the job of Jabot CEO and Phyllis a position at Newman. He also turned down Abby’s 500 million dollar proposal to return Newman Enterprises to Victor.

While it was Jack who was making moves like Jagger, Billy wasn’t happy to discover his brother had offered Neil the top job at Jabot. Billy told Jack that it is their family’s company and he should be in charge of it. When Jack pushed back and said he wanted Billy to help him build a new Abbott legacy, I noticed Billy did his best to hide his anger.

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After lunch with Katherine, (Jeanne Cooper) Neil called Jack to tell him that he would accept Jack’s offer.

Victoria told her father and mother (Melody Thomas Scott) that Billy went to work with Jack, so she could have eyes and ears in the company. Victor warned her that Billy is an Abbott, but she insisted her hubby would do what needed to be done to help them.

Noah (Robert Admanson) had a mysteriously vague conversation with someone back in New York. I had to wonder if it had anything to do with this casting news. I guess time will tell.

Phyllis and Ronan (Jeff Branson) shared a chemistry-laden moment at Kevin’s (Greg Rikaart) coffee shop. Later, Phyllis arrived at Avery’s (Jessica Collins) house and discovered Nick (Joshua Morrow) playing chess with her sister.

Nick met up with his family and told them he would not be a part of their plan to regain control of Newman Enterprises.