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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny informs Carly of Jason's shooting and possible drowning. She is confident Jason will return and becomes enraged with Sonny for believing otherwise. Carly orders Sonny to leave. Sonny tells her not to hide from the truth, and Carly breaks down. Sonny says he’s going to Starr’s, and Carly asks about Michael. Sonny tells her he already knows, but he’s going there to see Trey about having Kate committed. Carly gets angry that Sonny hasn’t taken thirty minutes to mourn the man who dedicated his life to Sonny.

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Sonny hates that Jason is gone, and Carly claims it’s because no one will be there to clean up Sonny’s messes now. Carly calls Sonny single-minded and knows Joe Scully was his mess.  Sonny’s sorry they can’t help each other through this and starts to leave, but Carly stops him and apologizes. They hug and she says it wasn’t his fault, but he believes it is.

Michael visits Monica and tells her about Jason. Monica is angry that she lost another family member, so Michael assures her there’s still a chance Jason will be found.  Michael says Jason never gave up on him and was like a father to him.  Right away, Monica exclaims Jason isn’t Michael’s father. 

Monica says she’s suffered so many losses and doesn't think it's fair to lose Jason too.  She asks about Carly, and advises Michael to hug her immediately.  Michael hugs his grandmother and tells her she’s never alone as long as he’s here. 

The Davis women visit Sam to offer their support, but are surprised to find her in denial about Jason's possible death. Sam knows Jason would not leave them now that they are a family again. Alexis wants to talk about the next step, but Sam says she’s waiting for him to come home. She points out that no one believed her when she said her child hadn’t died, and yet, it was true. She believes the same thing can happen to Jason. She admits he’s likely hurt, but still alive, and needs her help.

When Sam leaves the room, Alexis tells her girls to humor Sam while she processes everything that just happened.  Molly wonders if Sam could be right, and suggests a boat could have picked up Jason. Alexis doesn't think that's possible because the coast guard checked the boats in the area and didn’t find anything. Sam overhears and declares her husband isn’t dead and if they believe he is, she doesn’t need them. She vows to do it on her own if she has to.  Sam threatens to disown her family if they don't share her beliefs about Jason. Alexis and the girls leave, but not before Alexis tells Sam that she loves her and will be back. 

Connie gets flirty with Todd in hopes that he’ll give her Crimson back. Todd says he’s not giving her a job, because Starr would never forgive him and Carly would hate it. Connie realizes Todd is hot for Carly. Todd denies it and asks why Connie isn’t playing with Johnny’s money. Connie gets flirtatious again and sits on Todd’s lap, just as Carly walks in and catches them.

Trey finally comes home to a worried Starr. He explains to her his father died in his arms, and he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to the only family he has. Trey wonders if Sonny really needed to kill Joe, but Starr says not to jump to conclusions. Right on cue, Sonny shows up at the door. 

Liz goes to the crime scene and runs into Spinelli, who’s been looking for Jason underwater.  Liz says she’s scared and doesn’t know how to live without Jason since he’s always been there for her. Liz admits she hurt Jason and kept him away from his family because she wanted him to be with her. She regrets the time it cost him with his child.  She shows Spinelli the results she changed.  Spin says it was in Jason’s nature to forgive her and worries he only caused Jason annoyance, which Liz disputes.  Later on, Liz tosses the DNA results into the water. 

Sonny offers Trey his condolences, but Trey doesn't want to hear it. He thought Sonny would be celebrating Joe’s death.  Sonny wants to discuss Kate.  Alexis shows up and offers her sympathy, but says they need his help.  Trey knows that as Kate’s son, he can have her committed.  Alexis says the more Connie is in control, the more Kate disappears.  Trey understands that without his help, there is no Kate, but he's not helping them because Sonny murdered Joe.

Carly’s angry to find Connie all over Todd, but he brushes off Connie and offers Carly his condolences. He admits he didn’t publish Jason's demise in the paper for fear she’d find out about it that way. Connie wants to know what happened, and Carly tells her that Jason is missing and feared dead.  Connie snarks about justice, and Carly slaps her across the face. 

Todd picks up a screaming Connie and tosses her out of his room.  Carly thanks him for not running Jason's story in the paper.  She admits Jason put his life in danger every day, but he was always there for her.  She explains her history with Jason raising Michael. Carly is sad Jason never got his family, since it didn’t matter to him that the baby wasn’t his.  When Carly leaves the room, Todd opens his safe and looks at the paternity results. 

Michael goes to the hotel to find Carly and runs into Connie, who comes onto him very strongly.  Michael’s not interested in her advances, so Connie makes a crack about Abby being a hooker, which makes Michael angry.  Connie tells him he won’t get any action from Starr, so he should let her give him some relief.  Starr arrives in time to see them talking.

Sam’s looking at maps when Spin arrives to see how she's holding up. Before Spin can get a word out, Sam declares him exactly what she needs to find Jason.

Monica sits looking at a photo album of her family, then makes a call to someone saying they need to talk.