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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Duke eavesdrops on Dante and Anna discussing the pier shootout. Dante mentions the bullets pulled from Bernie’s body were shot by two different guns, one being Joe's. Anna speculates who else would want Bernie dead.  Anna questions Bernie moving Sonny’s assets and wonders if Jason found out and shot Bernie. Dante disputes Anna's theory.  He says Trey mentioned Joe working with someone else, and Anna feels they need to find the second shooter.  Duke makes a noise in the alley and runs away before they can catch him listening. 

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Luke stops by and updates Lulu on Duke passing the fingerprint test. He swears Duke is conning Anna, and vows to prove it. Lulu points out that Duke is still Anna’s husband, but Luke isn't worried because they have a good thing going. He changes the subject to Lulu’s parenthood project. 

Lulu tells her father she can’t carry a child to term, and then hands him the flyers for alternatives, such as adoption.  Luke says lots of kids need love and a home. He'd be proud if she went that route.  Duke shows up looking for a job and appears surprised Luke’s daughter runs the place.  Lulu says they aren’t looking for a manager, but could use a bartender. Duke eagerly accepts the job.  Lulu tells Luke that she hired Duke to keep an eye on him.  Luke is impressed with his daughter’s deviousness. 

Trey informs Sonny that he won’t be helping him with Kate.  Sonny tells him not to sacrifice his mother, but Trey doesn’t care since she dumped him in a dresser.  He says his only family was his father and Sonny killed him.  Sonny denies Trey's accusation, and tells him Joe shot Bernie and Jason.  Sonny says Kate needs treatment, but Trey has decided not to help.  Alexis tries to reason with him, saying he’ll lose his mother before he has a chance to know her. 

Trey brings up Connie throwing him out, and Kate forgetting about him.  Sonny says Kate is sick and Trey is the only one who can get her into treatment.  Trey tells them they’ve wasted his time, and he needs to focus on his father’s funeral. 

Carly confides in Todd that she doesn't know how to deal with Jason being dead, because he's always been there for her. She mentions Jason not being able to raise his own child. Carly wishes Danny were Jason's, because then a part of Jason would still be with them.  Diane arrives to see Todd and offers Carly her condolences, acknowledging that Jason would have done anything for her.

Starr sees Connie drooling over Michael and angrily tells her to stop touching him.  Connie says Michael enjoyed it, since he learned some things from the hooker.  Connie brings up Starr being over her ex-husband and dead baby, and Starr slaps her hard across the face.   Starr accuses Connie of murdering two people, but Connie claims she didn’t do it and is sick of taking the rap. 

Michael questions Connie's defensive comment. Connie quickly backtracks saying she pulled the trigger, but Cole's bad driving sealed his and Hope's fate. Carly arrives and orders Connie to leave, but she reminds Carly that she's part owner of the hotel.  Starr says Connie will be committed, but Connie claims Johnny would never do that.  Starr blurts out that Trey can, and he's signing the papers now. 

Spinelli thinks Sam wants his help in locating Jason’s remains, but she says he’s still alive and they can use their investigation skills to find him. Spin is hesitant to help Sam. She gets offended and doesn't want or need his sympathy or negativity. Spin informs her that he spent the morning diving in the harbor and there was no sign of Jason.  Sam says he likely drifted down shore, and Spin counters by pointing out the entire shoreline was checked and cleared by the Coast Guard. Sam doesn't care and knows Jason is alive.  She explains that she’s been researching the currents, and Spin agrees to help follow the clues. 

Diane figures Todd knew about the switch, and Heather was holding it over his head. Todd hypothetically agrees that he knew the truth, and so does Starr. He says he was going to tell someone else, but they would hate him. Diane quickly figures out that someone is Carly. Todd mentions Carly wanting Jason to be Daniel's father, but Diane tells him Franco is the father. However, Todd confesses he knows Jason is the father and hands Diane the paternity test results.  Todd wants Diane to tell Sam the truth. 

Sonny and Alexis show up at the hotel and tell Starr about Trey's refusal to sign the papers. Sonny tries to get through to Kate again, and tells Connie about Joe's death. He plays up the danger being gone, and it being safe for Kate to come out. Sonny's plea seems to be working, but Connie's phone rings and breaks the connection.

Anna finds a piece of Duke’s scarf in the alley.  She and Dante continue to look for clues when Spin and Sam appear.  Anna offers her sympathy.  Sam says she’s looking for her husband, but Anna says it’s a crime scene.  Spin reminds her they are licensed investigators and Sam asks about the second shooter.  Anna asks for the recording of Bernie’s message, so Sam heads off to get it.  Dante can see Sam is in denial, and Anna understands what she's going through.

Starr is angry at Trey for not signing the commitment papers.  She says it’s hard to see Connie everyday, knowing she killed her family.  She asks for his help in putting Connie away.  Trey still refuses to sign the papers. Starr says it’s never too late to do what’s right and understands about having a father you love hurt others.  She tells him to be his own person and do what’s right. 

Duke overhears Anna and Dante talk about forensics on the scarf, so he disposes of it.  He approaches Anna and tells her that he got a job. He quickly asks about the investigation. 

Michael fills in Carly about his visit to see Monica. He tells her she said AJ was his father, which displeases Carly. She reminds Michael that Jason is the person who loved and raised him.

Spinelli shows up at Todd’s door demanding the truth about Sam’s baby.

Sam returns home to find Diane staring back at her.