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Nancy Lee Grahn to Appear on The Chew and I Say GOOD For Her!

That sound you hear is soap fans getting ready to display righteous indigestion over yet another perceived betrayal. On Nov. 8, General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn will appear on The Chew, and this blogger for one says good for her!

I reported months ago that I was hearing GH executive producer Frank Valentini and The Chew's showrunners Gordon Elliott and Mark Schneider hoped to foster more synergy between the two programs under Vicki Dummer's Time Square Studios umbrella. According to my sources, this meeting of the minds came about as a way to strengthen both GH and The Chew against further encroachment from ABC News. Hello, Good Afternoon America?


I see absolutely nothing wrong with Grahn going on the cooking chatfest to talk about GH, or her favorite Pesto recipe if that be the case. Yes, The Chew took the place of All My Children, and that sucked donkey balls. But guess what? This is the current ABC Daytime lineup, and I'd rather see The Chew being used from time to time as a vehicle to promote GH, than for ABC to go back to not mentioning the show at all.

I can't remember the last time they had a soap star on The View. To borrow from the scene in Gone With The Wind when Katy Scarlett explains to Ms Melanie why she's doing business with the Yankees, the war is over.

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