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10 More General Hospital Alums We'd Love to See Back to Honor Edward Quartermaine!

As more and more casting news breaks regarding General Hospital's upcoming tribute to Edward Quartermaine (the late John Ingle), we decided to compile a list of 10 additional loved ones of the cantankerous-yet-lovable billionaire, whom we would love to see return to honor his passing.


No. 10: Nikolas Cassadine

To say there was never any love lost between Prince Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) and Edward Quartermaine would be the understatement of General Hospital's almost half century on the air. Right from the start, the Q's mistrusted the Cassadines attempts to worm their way into polite society via the hospital that had come to be synonymous with Edward's family.

Nikolas' stormy relationship with Edward's granddaughter Emily (Natalia Livingston) didn't do much to improve the mogul's opinion of the grandson of the murderous Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers). Even still, it would be nice if the man Emily went to her deathbed loving paid his respects to her Granddad.


No. 9: Keesha Ward

While Edward and his World War II lover Mary Mae Ward (the late Rosalind Cash) were initially apprehensive about their respective grandchildren Jason (Steve Burton) and Keesha (Senait Ashenafi) dating, Edward grew to love Keesha as an honorary member of the Q family. With Jason, her first love, also presumed dead and someone who looks an awful lot like her last Q paramour, AJ (Sean Kanan) soon to be lurking about, what better time could there be for Keesha to pay a visit?

Wishful Storytelling: Keesha Ward brings AJ's sullen, teenage son Alan Justus Ward home to Port Charles with her!


No. 8: Lucy Coe

Quartermaine family gatherings just haven't been the same since Alan's (Stuart Damon) one-time trophy wife Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) moved to the other side of town to hunt vampires. The last time we saw Lucy was at the funeral of Edward's beloved wife Lila (the late Anna Lee).

It sure would be nice to see her return for Edward's home going, but if she can't make it in time for that occasion, we can think of a certain singing, dancing charity event she'd be the perfect host for...   


No. 7: Brenda Barrett

Heiress-turned-supermodel Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil) was the daughter Edward Quartermaine never had. Just don't say that in front of Tracy (Jane Elliot)! While the curmudgeon generally had harsh words for his biological offspring, he treated Brenda like the princess she was.

This would explain why he was so against her dangerous dalliance with mobster Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Edward once compared the BrenSon romance to the Titanic disaster. Well, we doubt Brenda's heart will go on if she doesn't say a proper goodbye to the man who treated her like one of the family.


No. 6: Maya Ward

While Keesha Ward came to be treated like family by Edward, her cousin Maya (Annie Ilonzeh) really is Q kin! When we last spied Edward and Mary Mae's great-granddaughter, she was breaking Ethan Lovett's (Nathan Parsons) heart.

Since Edward was such a champion of the "Mayan" romance, shouldn't Maya (and possibly Ethan) come home to help celebrate the patriarch's life and times?

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No. 5: Faith Ward

Another member of the Black-er-maine, I mean Quartermaine, family we'd like to see return is Edward and Mary Mae's granddaughter Faith Ward. Previously played by April Weeden-Washington and Faith Collins, Faith Ward is a character that has never been truly fleshed out.

As the sister of the late Justus Ward and mother to Maya, there's tons of story potential for Faith. Wishful Casting: Victoria Rowell shows up in Port Charles as Faith, harboring a secret about one of its current inhabitants. Shawn (Sean Blakemore) is really Maya's daddy! 


No. 4: Brook Lynn Ashton

Since Ned is coming home for Grandfather's funeral, why not have him bring his bad seed daughter Brook Lynn (Adrianne Leon) along for the ride? Brook has a lot of 'splaining to do to the Q's, considering her misbehavior the last time she was in town.

Speaking of said misbehavior, with her childhood crush Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and his wife Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) reeling from the news that they can't have a baby, wouldn't it be fun to watch Brook take advantage of the situation by, oh, I dunno, stealing their fertilized embryo and implanting it in herself?! 



No. 3: Dillon Quartermaine

With Scott Clifton, the original teenage and young adult Dillon Quartermaine, currently helping The Bold and the Beautiful reach the most promising demos it's seen among younger women in years, I highly doubt Brad Bell would consider loaning him to GH, even for a tribute to the late John Ingle and Edward Quartermaine.  Which is why Edward's passing provides the ABC sudser with the perfect timing to recast the pivotal role of Tracy's youngest son.

I've been begging for Dillon to be recast since last February, preferably with former One Life to Live hottie Josh Kelly in the role. Dillon's former stepsister/baby mama Lulu is in the middle of a crisis, his mother keeps hooking up with mobsters and now his beloved grandfather will soon no longer be with us.

Wishful Storytelling: Tracy buys the rights to the distribution company planning to unveil Dillon's first feature film, a promising, darkly comic indie about a young man growing up in a dysfunctional, wealthy family in Upstate New York. She forces him to come home and work for ELQ for one year, then she'll release the film.

While back in PC, Dillon reconnects with Lulu, falling hard for the troubled, barren young wife. When his niece Brook Lynn picks up on the connection Dillon and Lulu still share, she forges a Cruel Intentions-esque bond with her uncle, with their ultimate goal being splitting up Lante for good! 


No. 2: Lois Cerullo

Lord knows the Quartermaines aren't the easiest family for outsiders to fit in with; this was why the grudging affection Edward came to have for Ned's Bensonhurst-based, bull-in-a-china-shop bride Lois Cerullo (Rena Sofer) was such a hit with the General Hospital audience. While Sofer's real-life divorce from Kurth may make it a bit awkward for Ned and Lois to share scenes again, we can't help but wish for a reunion for the popular on-screen pairing. If that isn't possible, then why not bring back Lesli Kay in the role? 


No. 1: Jimmy Lee Holt

If you began watching GH in the 90's (like I did) or even the 00's, you might think the late Bradley Ward was Edward Quartermaine's only illegitimate offspring. If so, you'd be wrong, cowboy! Back in the 80's, Edward (then played by the late David Lewis) learned he had a bastard son by Beatrice LeSeur, who went by the name of Jimmy Lee Holt.

What a treat it would be for old school Port Charles lovers for Steve Bond to reprise the role of Jimmy Lee following Edward's death! Maybe his daddy leaves him a block of ELQ stock, much to Tracy's chagrin?

Monica (Leslie Charleson) could certainly use some male attention. She had no problem banging Alan's nephew (Okay, okay, she didn't know Ward was Ned at the time!), why not saddle up with his half-brother?