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SPOILERS: Will Chelsea Bust Sharon On The Young and The Restless?

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Chelsea/Adam/Sharon: The con woman is fed up with her husband and his behavior surrounding his ex-wife. Chelsea accuses Adam of cheating on her with Sharon and refuses to watch it happen. Watch for Chelsea to discover some startling news surrounding Sharon.

Victor/Victoria/Nick/Billy: Mr. Moneybags is a bit miffed by his eldest son's lack of interest in taking Newman Enterprises back from Old Smilin' Jack. Victor tells Nick he thought his son would jump at the chance to be the head honcho at Newman, and is a bit disappointed by his current attitude. Nick wonders why regaining control of the family business is a sign of how much he loves him? Later, Victoria questions Nick on why he's shunning the family. Nick is fed up with all the foolishness his family has done in the name of Newman Enterprises and wants no part of it.

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Meanwhile, Billy tells his wife he is starting to feel a bit uneasy about being a double agent against his brother. Victoria feels his second thoughts aren't too much of an issue for him not to continue spying on Jack. Nikki quips she wishes her children would forget about the company, since all it has done is split the family. Later, Victoria fills her father in on Billy's possible change of heart, but Victor quickly informs his son-in-law he better follow through with the plan or he will bust him for knowing everything about L.A. and not telling anyone. Look for Victoria's business trip to possibly upset things for the entire Newman clan.

Kay/Jill: The two butt heads.

Phyllis: Red watches Nick and Avery share a close moment.

Kevin/Michael: The brothers have a heated showdown. Later, Michael gets stunning news.