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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy offers Monica her condolences.  Monica holds Tracy responsible for Jason's death because she never turned Joe in to the cops. Tracy claims Joe told her Sonny shot him, and Monica needs to look in the mirror if she wants to blame anyone.  Tracy claims Monica coddled her boys or ignored them, which caused them all to meet terrible ends.  Monica classifies Jason as an exception to Tracy's allegations due to his accident. It’s the same accident that ruined AJ's life.

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Monica admits she made mistakes, but Tracy let Joe go free because she needed a man.  Tracy says Joe wasn’t all bad, and brings up the antidote he gave her instead of saving his own life. Monica figures that means Joe was working with Jerry and tried to murder the whole town.

Monica asks about the police and Tracy admits she didn’t tell them because it wouldn’t have changed anything.  Monica declares she has no family and is now all alone. Tracy softens towards Monica and offers her apologies.

Maxie seeks Lulu’s advice on how to get Spinelli back, now that she’s divorcing Matt.  Lulu reminds her Spin is dating Ellie.  Maxie wants to go to The Haunted Star Halloween party and figures Spin will want to go with her, since it’s her birthday.  Maxie is sure once Spin sees she’s ready to commit, he’ll dump Ellie. 

Sabrina’s collecting money from hospital staff members to buy flowers for Monica.  Ellie’s all for it, but Patrick gets angry, saying Jason was a murdering criminal.  Liz overhears and gets upset when Patrick blurts out Jason should have died months ago.  Patrick says Robin sacrificed everything to save Jason, only to have him throw it away.  Liz says Jason was helping a friend, but Patrick doesn't agree. He believes Jason was shot due to his involvement in organized crime and can't believe Liz would defend him as Robin's friend.  Liz fires back by saying Robin would hate to know Patrick is using her death to beat up on Jason. 

Anna’s upset about Jason's death because he was a close friend of Robin's and she's known the Quartermaines for years.  She explains to Duke that Bernie was shot twice, so Joe likely had an accomplice.  She guarantees she’ll find whoever it is, because she owes it to Monica.  Duke tells her he got a job bartending at The Haunted Star. He’s aware Lulu gave him the job to keep tabs on him, but wants to make an honest living.  Duke mentions his new place and asks Anna to come by, but she’s busy with work. 

Sam asks about the papers in Diane’s hand, but she blows it off.  Diane offers her sympathy, but Sam assures her Jason isn’t dead.  Diane offers her services as a lawyer, but Sam is less than interested, since Diane helped free Todd.  Diane points out she’s helped Jason in the past, but Sam doesn’t want her to compare Jason and Todd. 

John arrives, so Diane leaves.  Sam tells him Jason isn’t dead, and John believes her since a body wasn't found.   Sam’s thrilled John is on her side and thinks Jason is alive, but unable to contact her. He may be hospitalized or held against his will.  She wonders if he left to protect her, but John doesn’t believe that.  Sam tells him two people shot Bernie, and John begins to wonder who helped Joe out of the murder rap in Atlanta. He promises to look into that angle.   

Spinelli wants Todd to provide solace for Sam in her time of need and admit to his part in the baby switch.  He feels Sam deserves the truth.  Todd says the PCPD released him due to lack of evidence.  Spin says he’s a good investigator and he can prove Todd’s guilt.  Todd tells him to talk to Heather.  Spin says he can’t bring Jason back, but he can provide peace for Sam and give her comfort.  Todd seems to be about to say something when Diane arrives, demanding he not say another word. 

Spin’s upset Diane is Todd’s lawyer, because he is the cause for some of Sam's enormous pain. Diane reminds Spin everyone has the right to an attorney and Jason would understand Diane is doing her job.  Spin storms off and Todd wants to make sure Sam knows Jason is Danny's father. However, Diane admits she didn’t tell her, because Sam believes Todd was involved in the switch. Diane says Carly would turn on him if she knew he’d kept Jason away from his son.  Todd decides Sam has to know the truth, and Diane needs to tell her without implicating him.   Diane wonders how he suggests she do that. Todd thinks it's simple and points her in the direction of Heather. 

Sabrina apologizes to Liz, saying she didn’t know her history with Jason.  Liz admits she loved him and they were more than friends. Yet, she wishes she'd treated him better and told him everything before the end. Sabrina says everyone does stupid things when in love. 

Britt checks in on Patrick, who’s upset he got angry with Sabrina and Liz. He explains about Jason and Jake.   Britt butters him up with the fact that Robin gave her life for Jason, and thinks Patrick has a right to be angry. 

Patrick apologizes to Liz because he knows how important Jason was to her. Then, he offers Sabrina money for the flowers.  Sabrina wants to make things up to him, so Patrick asks if she can baby-sit while he goes out with Britt again. 

Ellie stops by The Haunted Star and is thrilled to see Maxie. She asks Maxie to join her and Spin at the party.  Maxie talks about Spin’s feelings for Jason, and Ellie assures her she knows about it all.  Ellie continues to beg Maxie to join them, and with Lulu's help, Maxie agrees.

Spin tells Sam he tried to force Todd to tell the truth, but Diane stopped him.  Sam tells him John is going to help them find Jason. 

After Tracy leaves, AJ walks into the Q living room and puts a smile on Monica's face.