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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Monica is thrilled to see AJ finally return home.  The two discuss, via flashbacks, how AJ came to be alive again. After Dr. Thomas tried to kill him, Steven’s attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. However, Monica’s love brought him back.  AJ is grateful that his mother kept him out of prison. Monica smiles and admits she never told Alan the truth, because he always wanted AJ to pay.  AJ thanks her for putting her career on the line for him, and Monica informs him she isn't the only one because Steven helped as well. 

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Connie visits Trey and tries to convince him she’s concerned about him. Apparently, she knows all about losing a father.  Trey accuses her of faking sympathy and wonders what angle she’s working.  Connie says Sonny hates them, but she’s glad Trey stood up for her and didn’t sign the papers.  Trey thinks the only reason Connie came to see him is because she knows he could have her committed at any time.

Connie appreciates Trey’s theory and comments he got his backbone from her.  Trey wants to know who left him for dead, Connie or Kate?  Connie claims it was Kate, and defends her by saying she was young and raped.  Connie apologizes for Kate, so Trey asks her why she said those terrible things to him. Connie swears that also was Kate, and is tired of being accused of everything. 

Connie can’t undo everything she’s done.  Trey tells her he's not an easy target, and doesn’t believe a word she’s said to him. Connie warns Trey that he doesn’t want her as an enemy. 

Starr’s still angry with Johnny for marrying Connie and betraying their friendship.  Starr accuses him of being in love with a monster and can't believe he would hurt her this way. Johnny claims to love Connie, but stresses his friendship with Starr means a lot to him. Starr tells him to have Connie committed to help Kate, and Johnny refuses. In turn, Starr quits as his singer.  He gives her the CD they made together. 

Carly shows up at the penthouse, determined to help Sam, who isn’t interested in Carly’s help.  Carly says Jason would want her to take care of Sam, and she needs to help somehow. Sam believes she can handle things on her own, and wonders how Jason would feel if he knew Carly was defending Todd.  Carly maintains Todd's innocence in the baby switch, and puts her full support behind him.

Sam slyly says she believed Johnny all those months too.  Carly has seen Todd with his daughter, and doesn’t believe he's capable of keeping a mother away from her child.  As Carly’s leaving, she admits she came to the apartment for herself because all she has now are memories of Jason.  She even kept Jason’s last voicemail in her phone, so she can listen to it at any time.  Sam doesn’t have one, so Carly gives her the phone. 

Michael’s concerned about Sonny, who can’t stop thinking about Jason’s death and Kate’s situation.  Michael still can’t believe Jason’s gone, especially after all he sacrificed.  Michael tells Sonny about his visit with Monica and her feelings about his father.  Sonny claims Monica always had a soft spot for AJ, but thinks no one should outlive their children.

Michael says he’s been thinking of the organization’s next move, and they need to find the second shooter. With Jason gone, the family is vulnerable and needs to be protected. Basically, Michael wants to help with the family business again. Sonny agrees they need help, but does not want Michael involved in any part of it. He wants better for him. Sonny asks Michael to drop the idea, and Michael agrees.  Sonny tells Michael to stay safe, and pay Monica another visit. 

Steve walks in his mother's room to check on her and leaves Olivia in the hallway. Suddenly, Heather appears behind Olivia and she freaks out. Olivia grabs an axe and yells at Heather to stay away. It turns out, Olivia was hallucinating again and Todd is the person she thought was Heather.   Olivia worries this means Heather will wake up soon, and explains her track record with her visions.  Todd laughs it off, and gives Steven some of Heather's belongings she left behind at work.  The bag includes a book, and when Todd pulls it out, he makes sure the DNA paper falls out.

Olivia opens it and reads the results that name Jason as Daniel's father. Todd pretends to be shocked.  Steve points out the other test looked legitimate as well, and there’s only one way to find out if this test is real.  Steve checks with the lab and finds out they are holding the true DNA results.  Olivia is sad Jason never knew he was the father.  Todd thinks Sam should know the truth. 

Connie tells Johnny she tried to do damage control, but they need to prepare for a war.

Trey visits Sonny and agrees to have Connie committed. 

Todd gloats to a comatose Heather that Sam will know the truth, and it won’t be traced back to him. He knows there's nothing she can do to stop him now.  Unexpectedly, Heather opens her eyes and grabs his arm. 

Sam is listening to Jason's old phone message when Steven shows up with the DNA results. 

AJ apologizes to Monica for all her recent losses: Emily, Alan and Jason.  Monica has no regrets, but wishes the two of them had more time together.  AJ’s surprised she wants him to leave so soon.  As he’s leaving, Michael arrives looking for Monica.