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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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AJ hides while Monica talks to Michael.  He apologizes for offending her about his father, but he and Jason had a very close relationship. Michael only remembers AJ as the man who kidnapped him and claimed he was dead.  Monica says AJ loved Michael and wasn’t all bad.  Michael understands it’s hard for her to have lost both sons.  Monica asks to be alone, and Michael asks for a copy of the picture of Jason and AJ. Monica seems touched and gives him the photograph. 

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Trey explains to Sonny how Connie was trying to work him, but he didn’t believe her.  Sonny is grateful, but Trey says he’s committing his mother for Starr.  Sonny swears Kate is a wonderful person, and Connie was the one who abandoned Trey.  Trey agrees to help Sonny on one condition; Sonny tells him if he sent Jason to kill Joe. Sonny swears on all his children’s lives that he didn’t, because Kate asked him to spare Joe's life.

Connie wants Johnny’s help in dealing with Trey.  Lulu arrives, and overhears Connie say she and Johnny will both go down for something. Lulu immediately wonders what Connie is talking about, and Connie tries to play the family card, but Lulu doesn't buy it. Connie warns Lulu not to get on her bad side, and Lulu asks if she’s being threatened. Connie claims she wants them all to get along.

Lulu ignores Connie to go over business with Johnny, and Connie excuses herself. Once she leaves, Lulu pleads with Johnny to tell her the truth about his marriage to Connie.  He doesn't answer, and she asks him if Connie is blackmailing him. Johnny hesitates, and Lulu tells him to trust her. He appears to want to confide in her, but in the end he doesn’t. Connie returns, and Lulu quickly leaves.   

Kristina stops by the apartment to see Trey, and finds Starr. Instead of leaving when Trey isn't home, Kristina stays and eats take out with Starr. The girls discuss Johnny’s odd decision to marry Connie.  Kris has known Johnny for a long time, and thinks he's just messed up right now. The subject changes from Johnny to Trey, and Starr recalls his accusation that Sonny killed Joe. Kris defends her father, but admits his actions out of anger scare her sometimes.

Steve tells Sam that he found the DNA test results in Heather’s belongings and Jason is Danny’s father.  Sam is thrilled and hugs Steve.  Sam swears Jason will be ecstatic when he comes home. A concerned Steve can only stare at Sam in silence. 

Todd is shocked that Heather is awake.  She claims it’s a miracle. Todd tells her no one will believe her about the switch, and they need to get their stories straight.  Heather doesn’t understand why Todd would give Sam the real results, but he says it was the right thing to do.  He wants Heather to agree not to tell anyone he helped her with the switch. Heather asks Todd to get her a good attorney that will get her charges dropped. Then, she will plead insanity. 

Steve arrives to see his mother, and she wants to tell him who switched the babies.  Heather talks about herself and claims to be Susan Moore.  Steve thinks something is up, so he asks if Heather had an accomplice and points to Todd. However, Heather claims Todd is her doctor. 

Steve drags Todd out of the room and demands to know what’s going on.  Todd claims he came to see Heather, but she kept going on and on about being Susan Moore. He thinks she's finally snapped. Todd asks Steve if he gave Sam the papers, and Steve confirms he did. Before leaving, Steve says he’s going to have his mother thoroughly tested for any kind of mental illness.  Todd thanks Heather, who warns him to keep her happy or she’ll rat him out to the police. 

Sam thinks Jason has returned and happily tells him Danny is his son.  Jason says the paternity didn’t matter in the end, but he’s glad the Franco fiasco is over. Sam tells Jason they have everything they ever wanted, but soon realizes Jason is only in her imagination. 

Connie wonders if Johnny and Lulu were conspiring against her, but Johnny calls her paranoid.  Johnny says everyone hates her because instead of being nice and capitalizing on Kate’s flaws, she’s pushing everyone’s buttons. Connie complains about Trey and wants Johnny to get rid of him.  Johnny firmly tells her that Trey is her son and if she suggests killing him again, he’ll put her in Shadybrooke for real.  Connie says they’re in this together and need to figure out what to do.    

Michael speaks to Sonny about his visit with Monica and her sentiments on AJ.  Sonny claims Jason was never spoiled, but AJ always felt entitled to everything. Sonny says the best thing AJ did was have Michael.  Sonny tells his son that Trey agreed to sign the papers. 

Trey comes home and tells Kristina he informed Sonny he would sign the papers to have Connie committed. Starr thanks Trey and commends him for doing the right thing. 

AJ is upset he didn’t get a chance to talk to Michael.  Monica says they can’t take the risk, and he needs to leave. AJ tells his mother he isn’t going anywhere.  Monica reminds AJ that he’ll serve prison time for shooting Alan in the back.  AJ will claim it was an accident, and make it go away.  If everything came out, Monica feels she can be arrested for aiding and abetting.  AJ declares he wants his old life back.