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Stephanie Forrester's 10 Greatest Bold and Beautiful Rivals


As The Bold and the Beautiful fans prepare to say farewell to couture queen Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery), let's take a look back at the battle axe's greatest rivalries, and no, not all of them are Logans!


No. 10: Donna Logan

By the time waitress-turned-fashion-model Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) was preparing to slather honey all over Eric Forrester's (John McCook) naughty bits, Stephanie had already gone to war with both Donna's big sister Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and the girls' caterer mother Beth (Judith Baldwin et al.) over the randy designer.

While Steph has never really had much affection for any of the Logans, Donna moved up on her hit list when she told Nick Marone (Jack Wagner) she'd witnessed Stephanie pushing his mother Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) off a balcony. In truth, it was an accident, but that didn't stop Nick from using the information to blackmail the Forresters into selling him their fashion house!

Ultimately, Donna brokered a deal that saw Forrester Creations returned to Eric — so long as he divorced Stephanie. Donna and Stephanie continued to wage war against each other during the ensuing years, with their respective family members getting in on the fun from time to time (Storm shot Stephanie; Pam tried to kill a honey-drenched Donna by luring a grizzly bear into a cabin). However, once Donna and Eric's marriage ended, and she reunited with her baby daddy, the two women's relationship began to mellow a bit.      


No. 9: Jackie Marone

From the moment Jackie Payne (Lesley-Anne Down) and her son Nick (Jack Wagner) arrived in SoCal, Stephanie Forrester had beef with the pair. The sexy Brit getting a little too close for comfort with Eric certainly didn't help matters. Steph was even less thrilled when both Eric and her childhood sweetheart Massimo Marone (Joe Mascolo) began fighting over Jackie!

Stephanie certainly didn't mind fighting with Jackie herself. The two infamously squared off on a balcony. While La Forrester has always sworn it was an accident, Jackie went a' tumbling just the same!

Stephanie and Jackie managed to put their differences aside, even working together at Jackie M. However, when Jackie pulled a Sally Spectra and stole designs from Forrester Creations, the feud between the two women was reignited.  


No. 8: Margo Lynley

Decades before those secretaries on Mad Men were having impure thoughts about their bosses, rags assistant Margo MacClaine Lynley (Lauren Koslow) was desperate to get a little dick-tation from Eric Forrester. When she couldn't snag the daddy, Margo settled for the son, embarking on an affair with Ridge.

In the end, Stephanie never had much to worry about, as Ridge was too fickle to settle down with Margo, who moved on with Bill Spencer, Sr. (Jim Storm) and later Clarke Garrison (Daniel McVicar).    


No. 7: Morgan DeWitt

Stephanie thought she was doing what was best for everyone when she convinced teen model Morgan DeWitt (Sarah Buxton) to abort Ridge's baby. The fashion matriarch never could have guessed Morgan would show up decades later nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake!

Still reeling from the loss of her first born child, Morgan tricked Ridge into believing his out-of-town wife Taylor (Hunter Tylo) had agreed to him impregnating her. Yep, most women don't even want their husbands to have friends over to watch football while they're away, but Ridge thought Taylor would be cool with him porking another woman!

Morgan tricked Ridge again, this time into believing she wasn't carrying his child, due to a phony pregnancy test. Enter Stephanie. When Her Majesty learned what Morgan was up to, she forced the whackadoodle to come clean with Ridge.

Unfortunately for Morgan, her second Forrester seed didn't stay planted much longer than the first one had. During a squabble with Taylor, she accidently fell off a banister miscarrying the baby.

To pay the Forresters back—and finally have a tyke of her very own—Morgan faked little Steffy's death by shark attack and dyed the toddler's hair Strawberry Shortcake red. We bet Steph wishes she would have just let this wench carry that first baby to term!


No. 6: Stephen Logan

Although most of Stephanie's wrath has been aimed at the female members of the Logan family, she's had plenty of contempt for the man who fathered all those sluts from the Valley. When Stephanie began to panic about college rival Beth Logan's (Nancy Burnett) renewed connection with Eric, she tracked down her foe's missing husband Stephen (Robert Pine).

Once he was firmly back in the Logans' lives, Stephanie and Bill Spencer, Sr. orchestrated a job offer in Paris, which resulted in both the Logan patriarch and matriarch being whisked out of town — and out of La Forrester's hair!

Decades later, Ridge's biological father Massimo Marone (Joe Mascolo) dug Stephen (Patrick Duffy) up and paid him $5 million to convince Brooke to move to Paris. While Brooke was devastated over his latest betrayal, she and her siblings never stopped yearning for a real connection with their father.

Stephen proved the protective, father lion when Donna summoned him back to L.A., after Stephanie's henchman raped Brooke. Stephen was all but ready to throw Stephanie off a balcony (Seriously, what is it with these people and balconies?!), when Stephanie blurted out that Donna had followed Brooke and Beth into Eric's bed.

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Stephanie being presumed responsible for Beth's (Robin Riker) death didn't do much to help Stephen's frosty relationship with Mrs. Forrester, nor did his relationship with Stephanie's loopy sister Pam (Alley Mills).


No. 5: Sheila Carter

Stephanie smelled something fishy whenever Forrester Creations' new nurse walked into the room, and no it wasn't perfume from Genoa City-based cosmetics conglomerate Jabot! After wreaking havoc on The Young and the Restless, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) crossed over to The Bold and the Beautiful and promptly set her sights on fashion kingpin Eric Forrester. 

To accomplish her goal of snagging the silver fox, Sheila befriended one of his wives (Brooke), while alienating the other one. When Stephanie started to speculate that family friend Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman) knew more about Sheila's secret past than she was letting on, she tried to get the department store diva to fess up.

Lauren, however, was afraid Sheila would expose her extramarital affair with Brad Carlton (Don Diamont) if she told the Forresters about the nasty nurse's past dealings.

The Forresters were so opposed to the idea of Eric marrying Sheila they wore black to the wedding! In one last, desperate attempt to keep Eric, Sheila went into therapy. Dr. James Warwick (Ian Buchanan) should have asked for hazard pay, as Sheila imprisoned him in Houdini's lair for trying to tell the Forresters how cuckoo she really was!

Ironically, Sheila and James managed to fall in love, much to the chagrin of Stephanie, who by this point was crushing on the good doc. After finding a lethal Sheila holding her infant grandson Thomas, Stephanie realized it would be smarter to find a date on


No. 4: Ann Douglas

In one of The Bold and the Beautiful's most powerful and disturbing arcs, viewers finally learned the root of Stephanie's frigid, toxic behavior when her mother Ann Douglas (Betty White) was introduced. In a decidedly unfunny turn, comic legend White gave chills as Ann blamed Stephanie for the brutal beatings she received from her father as a little girl. 

Fans of the glossy sudser at long last knew why Stephanie was so prone to violent acts and vitriolic outbursts. Before her death, Ann and Stephanie made peace, but the literal and figurative scars Stephanie received remained.


No. 3: Beth Logan

Most people don't hold grudges all the way back to their college years, but then most people aren't Stephanie Forrester! The quadrangle between Stephen Logan, Beth Henderson, Eric Forrester and Stephanie Douglas gave The Bold and the Beautiful its origin mythology.

Beth and Eric had been collegiate sweethearts, when Stephanie became pregnant with his son Ridge. On the rebound, Beth married Stephen and went on to have four children (Storm, Brooke, Donna and Katie) with the man who would eventually leave their family in poverty. Meanwhile, Stephanie gave birth to a son she named Ridge (really the product of her dalliance with Massimo Marone), and later Angela, Kristen, Thorne and Felicia. Stephanie also used money from her father to help Eric establish Forrester Creations.

Flash-forward a couple of decades and Beth was by this point a caterer, working a party at the Forrester home, when she and Eric reconnected. Beth and Eric weren't the only Logan/Forrester connection made at that party, as her nubile daughter Brooke fell hopelessly in love at first sight with Ridge.

For a quarter of a century Stephanie tried to rid Beth and her family from the Forresters' posh, Beverly Hills lives. From the looks of things, she failed miserably. Even as we approach the end of Stephanie's life, Beth's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren still play an integral role in her arch rival's life.    


No. 2: Sally Spectra

Retired knock-off designer Sally Spectra (the late Darlene Conley) and Stephanie Forrester may be the best of friends today, but for most of B&B's history they were bitter, comic rivals. Sally and her zany crew at Spectra Fashions caused Stephanie and the Forresters countless headaches over the years, by stealing Eric and Ridge's designs.

When Sally's daughter Macy Alexander (Bobbie Eakes) fell for Stephanie's son Thorne (then Jeff Trachta), it only intensified their feud. Stephanie being there for Sally during Macy's multiple deaths, and Sal helping Steph out with her hair issues helped to bridge the gap between the two feisty broads. We'll never forget all those epic catfights, though!


No. 1: Brooke Logan

Brooke might have inherited her feud with Stephanie from her mother, but the ultimate Slut From The Valley took it to a-whole-nother level by screwing her way through the entire male half of the Forrester family. You really can't blame Brooke. If Stephanie hadn't been so hell-bent against the caterer's daughter dating her son Ridge, Brooke never would have felt the need to sleep with Stephanie's husband Eric, or her youngest son Thorne for that matter!

As if sleeping with all of the men in Stephanie's life wasn't bad enough, Brooke managed to do the unthinkable. After she was deemed the legal owner of the revolutionary BeLieF wrinkle-free fabric patent, Brooke seized control of Forrester Creations, booting Steph right out of her office!

Stephanie eventually got the company back from Brooke, but these two mortal enemies were never lacking in something to fight about. Whether it was Stephanie's preference for Taylor (Hunter Tylo) as a suitable mate for Ridge, or her disdain for Brooke' son Rick (then Kyle Lowder), it seemed they would never stop fighting, until they did. 

Everything changed when Stephanie was diagnosed with lung cancer, and it was Brooke who convinced her to seek treatment. Brooke's determination to see Stephanie survive, and live out her pledge to do more for Skid Row's homeless bought her former enemy an additional few years of life. Even still, it won't be same if she doesn't call her the Slut From The Valley just one last time.