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Victoria Goes Crying to Victor on The Young and the Restless

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Victor (Eric Braeden) stood in the ruins of the Newman home and told Nick (Joshua Morrow) he would re-envision and rebuild the Newman family headquarters. Victor also told Nick he was disappointed in him for bowing out of the fight for Newman. Nick pointed out that he was disappointed in his father too. Victor ended the conversation by telling Nick there was nothing left to discuss.

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) continued to pressure Billy (Billy Miller) into spying for her. The two got into a huge argument when he told her he planned to resign from Newman. The two got into a big argument. A slightly unstable Victoria then went crying, not literally, to daddy about Billy having second thoughts. It reminded me of the childhood ryhme "This Little Piggy".

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Victor then proved he wasn’t going to let his children go after Newman on their own. He hurried over to Billy’s house and promptly blackmailed his son-in-law with the fact that Billy knew about Victor's memory loss and location in LA. It sure didn’t take long for Victor to abandon his hands off approach.

The details of Victor and Billy’s conversation were pre-empted by a Hurricane Sandy broadcast. When the broadcast resumed, Billy and Victoria were together and he was telling his wife he’d keep her up on Jack’s actions at Newman.

Adam (Michael Muhney) tried to convince Sharon (Sharon Case) to get help for her problems, but she pushed back hard against the suggestion. She then demanded to know if Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) knew he was helping her.

At Jack’s office, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) noticed her ex-husband’s back pain and told him that something wasn’t right. Their conversation turned to what had transpired in their lives since they last worked together. I have always loved Jack and Phyllis’ relationship and this episode was a prime example of their long lasting connection.