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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante finds Lulu getting ready for The Haunted Star Halloween party.  Lulu brings up adoption, but admits she’s not sure about it.  Dante says it's love that counts, and they both want a family.  The couple agrees to keep adoption as a definite possibility. 

Anna tells Duke she’s still trying to find the second shooter, but is starting to get discouraged. Duke assures her that she’ll get her man like she always does.  He informs her he’s working the Halloween party, and asks her to join him. Anna declines, because she doesn’t want to get in the way on his first day.   

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Luke shows up at Todd’s hotel room wearing a hockey mask, and accuses him of being Heather’s accomplice.  Todd denies it, but Luke is sure because of the expensive shoe prints found on the scene.  Luke wants to see Todd’s shoes, but Todd asks for a warrant, so Luke leaves. 

Emma and Patrick wish Maxie a happy birthday.  Maxie tells Patrick that she’s decided to move out, and cites her life being in limbo as the reason for the change. She feels she needs to get out on her own to start a life with someone else.  Patrick asks about Spin, but she says he has someone else right now. Maxie hopes once her divorce is final, Spin will see she’s serious about being together. 

Patrick agrees Maxie needs to get on with her life.  Maxie thinks he should as well, but Patrick's not ready yet. Maxie knows Robin would tell him life doesn't stop when a loved one dies.

Michael and Starr enjoy a make out session on her couch.  He wants to move things to the bedroom, but she hesitates.  Starr finds the photo of Jason and AJ and mentions their resemblance.  Michael complains that AJ was a screw up, and explains his biological father's sordid history. Starr says her father has done horrible things as well, but she still loves him. 

Michael doesn’t see AJ as his father, because the only father he's known is Sonny.  He wonders how he’d feel about AJ if he were still alive.  Michael wants Starr to come with him to the Halloween party and she agrees. 

AJ is hiding out in his childhood bedroom, but Monica wants him to leave as soon possible. AJ refuses, because he wants to get to know Michael.   They talk about life and growing up until an irate Tracy bangs on the door. She threatens to call the police if whoever is inside doesn't open up. Monica comes out and says she was talking to her sons, since she never had a chance to say goodbye.  Tracy understands her grief, but reminds Monica of her not so stellar past as a mother. 

Tracy sees AJ’s picture and claims he was a train wreck, but Jason, despite his faults, was a saint by comparison.  Monica loved both her sons and wants Tracy to leave.  Monica tells AJ again to stay put. 

Carly and Josslyn stop by Todd’s.  She spots the hockey mask and asks about it, since he supposedly sent it to his son.  Todd lies and says his son returned it.  Carly wants Todd to come trick or treating with her, but he turns her down. 

Luke runs into Anna and Duke at Kelly’s.  The men go back and forth for a minute before Duke leaves for work and runs into Patrick and Emma.  He notices that Emma resembles Robin, and Patrick introduces them.  Duke offers condolences about Robin and tells Emma he knew her.

Luke wants Anna to go to the party as his date, but she refuses. Luke says they’re friends and roommates, but he wants her to meet him halfway. Before she can answer, Patrick and Emma show up and mention their run in with Duke.

Tracy bumps into Luke and complains that Monica seems to be losing it.  Luke tells her to give Monica a break. He changes the subject to his favorite topic as of late, Duke. He would give anything to be a fly on the wall at the party to spy on Duke and Anna.  Tracy advises him to go in costume. 

Lulu introduces Dante to Duke.  Duke hears Dante tell Lulu they’re still trying to find the second shooter.  

Patrick returns home to find Maxie leaving.  She thanks him for rescuing her when she needed it and feels he deserves to be happy. 

Carly goes back to Todd’s room and says she came back to spend the night with him. 

Monica enters AJ's room to find him missing.