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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Monica is concerned about AJ and more importantly, his whereabouts. Alice overhears Monica thinking out loud and reminds her that AJ is dead. Alice shows her a passport she found with AJ’s picture, but a different name. Alice flat out asks Monica if AJ is alive.  Monica admits she assisted AJ out of the country, and didn't see him until Jason's death. Now, AJ has left the house and she’s worried the police will arrest him if they find him.  Alice understands and agrees to keep Monica’s secret. 

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Patrick wants to go to the Halloween party and Emma gives him the okay, but only if Sabrina babysits. Sabrina receives a voice message from Patrick, and assumes he’s asking her to the party. She shows up at his house in costume, only to find out she’s babysitting Emma and he’s taking Britt to The Haunted Star.  Britt soon arrives in a sexy nurse costume, and Patrick introduces her to Emma.  After they leave, Emma tells Sabrina she doesn’t like Britt because she’s mean.

Emma tells Sabrina all about the Nurse's Ball and even shows her an old photo album chronicling the event. Sabrina finds it interesting everyone came together for a great cause, and wonders why they don’t do it anymore. 

Spinelli has a birthday gift for Maxie.  Ellie arrives, so they can all go to the party together, which upsets Maxie.

Carly asks Todd if he's willing to watch a horror movie with her.  During the movie, Carly is reminded of how AJ died and mentions it.  She claims AJ was horrible and Todd points out that Sonny is a gangster. Carly quickly defends Sonny and calls AJ a monster.  Carly recaps her dating history and wonders if Todd is a good or bad guy.

Todd claims he’s a horrible person, but Carly thinks he’s a good guy. She happens to be looking for one of those at the moment.  He asks Carly what his chances are, and leans in to her. They share a steamy kiss.

At the party, Duke wonders if Luke is with Anna, but she admits she turned him down. Felicia is thrilled to see Duke again and introduces Mac. 

Luke feels Duke is conning Anna, and Tracy thinks he should dig up dirt on Duke. 

Michael and Starr run into a masked AJ, who follows them around the party. Michael tries to remove the mask, but AJ brushes him off and walks away.  Starr talks about their relationship and thinks they should speed things up. Michael wants to be with her intimately, and they agree to take things to the next level. However, Michael isn't prepared and needs to get some protection first. Starr agrees to meet him back at the apartment. 

Lulu has a birthday present for Maxie, who complains that Spin and Ellie are attached at the hip. 

AJ bumps into Tracy, who wants him to apologize.  He snarks that he knows who she is, and Tracy wants to know how the masked man recognizes her.  AJ tells her to be afraid. 

Patrick introduces Britt to Anna, who seems shocked Patrick's out on a date.  Patrick apologizes for upsetting Anna, but she says he should be dating. Anna believes Robin would want him to be happy.  She apologizes to Britt for her rudeness.  Britt asks Patrick if it’s too soon to ask him to come home with her.  Patrick says he needs to go home to Emma.

Luke listens in on Felicia and Anna discussing Duke.  Felicia wonders which man Anna will choose. Before answering, Anna spots Luke listening and busts him for it.

Maxie cuts in on Ellie and Spin dancing, and wonders why Spin didn’t react to her news that she’s divorcing Matt.  Spin says Matt wasn’t the right man for her, so Maxie asks who is. Spin diverts the question and doesn’t answer.  She complains about it to Lulu, who thinks Maxie may have confused Spin.

Patrick says good night to Britt, who’s still disappointed their night is ending.  He uses Emma as an excuse not to go home with her.  After Britt leaves, Patrick finds Emma and Sabrina asleep on the couch.

AJ stops Michael from leaving the party.  Michael’s annoyed and could care less about the masked man. AJ pulls off his mask and reveals his identity to his son.