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[SPOILER] is KIDNAPPED on Young and Restless!

Billy/Victoria: The Abbotts marriage starts to spiral downward during Victoria's trip to Miami. Billy tries to get in touch with his wife, but gets sent straight to voicemail! Billy's worries turn to fears when he can't find Victoria, and discoveres she's been kidnapped by an ex-gambling friend!


It seems Billy never paid his debt before his old pal was hauled off to prison and he wants his money stat. A guilty Billy jumps into action to get his woman back. Will Victoria forgive her husband...again? Look for this latest development to be fuel for Victor and Nick's anti-Billy fire.

Chelsea/Adam/Sharon: The con finds a purse at the cottage and starts to grill her husband over it. Adam keeps mum on the owner, resulting in Chelsea taking yet another trip back to the cottage. She gets a shock when she finds Sharon inside. Chelsea starts to accuse the pair of having an affair, but Adam insists he's just platonically helping her out. Sharon decides it time for her to leave, seeing what her presence is doing to Chelsea and Adam's marriage, but Adam balks at her suggestion.

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Things don't look good for Sharon when Ronan takes on the arson case. Det. Malloy starts to zero in on Sharon, after her weird behavior throws up red flags. Adam asks Chelsea to help him assist Sharon. At first she doesn't want to lift a finger to help, but later caves. 

Chelsea later warns Sharon that she'd better not being using her latest peril to worm her way back into Adam's life, or there will be hell to pay!

Nick/Phyllis: The two head to court.

Michael/Lauren: The Baldwins ask their son to shed some light on his friendship with Summer.

Paul/Christine: The former couple receive some pleasant news.